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Boom boat reservations. Fiorentino (Charteritaly): “full July and August”


Boom in boat reservations in Italy. With the pandemic, Italians have rediscovered their passion for holidays on a sailing boat or catamaran. “In July and August we registered a full booking in Italy”, Claudio Fiorentino, general manager of Charter Italy, the comparative search engine specialized in boat rental, explains to Adnkronos, underlining that the boom in bookings was greater than in last year and that was not the case three years ago. “September is also quite full and at the moment we are around 60-70%. There is a lot of demand”, underlines Fiorentino. This year in Italy, he estimates, “70% of bookings were made by Italians, 30% by foreigners”. Contributing to this phenomenon of growth in bookings is also the fact that the sailing holiday seemed for many a safe way to spend their holidays in peace and away from crowds. “With the pandemic, people feel safer on a boat. You can spend a holiday with your family or friends with, if necessary, a skipper who has swabbed himself, away from crowded beaches and crowds. We had already observed this phenomenon last year. This year there have been some people who have chosen this type of holiday by word of mouth “, explains Fiorentino.” I think the wave of increased bookings will continue even after the pandemic. Many people they have seized this moment to look into this type of holiday for the first time and they are enthusiastic. After a holiday on a boat you no longer go to the beach, where you often do not find a place under an umbrella “, underlines the general manager of Charter Italy. “With the presence of many newbies, we adapted and we had to provide more information because being at sea is not easy. The sea has its rules and then we must also take the weather into consideration”. This year, Fiorentino emphasizes, ” the full booking was registered not only in Italy but also in Greece and Croatia thanks to the green pass. In 2020 the Italians had mainly chosen Italy, this year they also went to Croatia and Greece. Many people stayed at feet not finding a boat in the hottest period “. The approximately 2,500 boats in Italy, the approximately 4 thousand in Croatia and the 4 thousand in Greece have been snapped up. The booking boom for this summer, Fiorentino observes, began in Tuscany four months ago. Then it was the turn of the Tyrrhenian coast: Procida, Salerno, Naples and Nettuno. An initial phenomenon linked to the fact that many did not know what would be the restrictions measures adopted to deal with Covid and that many chose not to take the ferries to go to Sardinia and the Aeolian islands. Then little by little the bookings spread throughout the territory “. In Nettuno, he observes,” there is a full booking until August 28th. All 50 boats have left. From August 28 onwards there are still some but even September is quite full “. Prices, assures Fiorentino,” have not increased “this year.” There has been a change because the VAT on the leases has increased and perhaps in August there were some adjustments related to supply and demand. “It is difficult to estimate the price of a sailing holiday because it depends on the type of boat (sailing ships, catamarans, yachts, sailing and motor boats), year, from the length and the presence or absence of a crew and the rental area. “Let’s say that it goes from 1,200-1,400 for a boat without skipper for 4 people for a week up to 15 thousand euros, obviously excluding extra luxury boats “, underlines the general manager of Charter Italy.” This year even the most expensive catamarans were stormed: they range from 8,000 euros in July to 13-14,000 euros in August. If you want to sail inexpensively, you need to book well in advance and in September owners often also offer discounts. In short, if you want, there is a way to save “, notes Fiorentino.” With our search engine we put shipowners in competition with each other and those interested, thanks to our platform, can compare offers and see who offers the lowest price ” , explains.


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