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Razeto (Confindustria): ‘There is a lack of young people for companies in the nautical sector’


“Young people no longer have the patience to approach this kind of work, they no longer have the patience to come to our workshops and construction sites to learn a job. This is true for the workers, but it can also be extended to those who come from from the University. There is a lack of engineers, there are no specialized technicians, there are no people who come to learn a job in the workshop, laboratory, carpentry as craftsmen have always done “. This was stated by the vice president of Confindustria Nautica Andrea Razeto in his meeting with the press at the Genoa Boat Show. In the long run, he explains, “this could cause a big problem. I can’t explain why, but I understand it: this behavior has a cultural aspect. In Italy we have spent many years always hoping for the best for our children, without thinking that it is not unfortunate. enter a workshop, do a job, be a craftsman. Leaving aside the economic aspect, the social aspect counts. It is a cultural question on which we should work with schools and universities and we industrialists should also little roll up our sleeves “, he adds. Many American entrepreneurs, he notes, “go to look for students in universities, take them to the company to do internships in the summer. When they finish their studies, they can find a job ready as it once was with us with an apprenticeship. older generations of workers and technicians that we have in the workshop is made up of former boys from technical schools who studied at school, but then they spent the summer with us. Now those courses are deserted. It is the same families who do not encourage more young people. We should still open our factories more. It is a cultural problem and not a wage problem. We mostly have national collective agreements and the people who work in our workshops are very well paid because they are still very specialized and therefore very sought after, … but few “.



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