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Wartsila, from court yes to union appeal: Stop 451 layoffs


The court of Trieste ‘stops’ Wartsila: it cancels the dismissal procedure for 451 workers and recognizes the anti-union conduct reported by Fim Fiom and Uilm, condemning the Finnish group to pay 150 thousand euros, 50 thousand euros each, for damage to the image of the trade unions, ‘offended’ in front of their members and ordinary citizens. Thus ends the first match of the legal battle between the company and the unions, just over two months after the announcement of the multinational company that produces large engines for naval use to proceed with the closure of the Bagnoli della Rosandra site in Trieste. The court therefore sanctions that step backwards that the government had not managed to obtain during the meeting at Mise on 7 September last, in which the company had reconfirmed its intention to disengage from the area. However, the game is not over; Wartsila will be able to resubmit the collective dismissal procedure but this time will have to go through the union confrontation with Fim Fiom and Uilm. The times are therefore getting longer. But not only that: the multinational will also find itself having to comply with the new, more stringent rules on the ‘anti-relocation’ law desired by the Mise and the Ministry of Labor of the Draghi government as a ‘response’ to the company’s refusal to back down. The times of the collective dismissal procedure, therefore, will now extend up to 180 days from the 90 previously foreseen. Government and trade unions satisfied. “The judgment of the Court of Trieste, which accepts the appeal of the trade unions, shows that Wartsila’s approach was wrong, as repeatedly reported to the company. We are happy for the workers and we hope to continue in the spirit of a unitary territorial system that emerged in the last meeting at Mise “, comments the minister of development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. The Minister of Labor is on the same wavelength. “The judgment of the Court of Trieste gives the unions right and demonstrates the goodness of the path taken with the strengthening of the rules to protect workers when we are faced with cases of wild relocation. We were right already a year ago, when they attacked us from the right and from Confindustria: you cannot close a company overnight by leaving and abandoning workers and an entire local economic system “, says Andrea Orlando for whom” the unity of workers and institutions can beat speculative logic of multinationals “. The declarations of Fim Fiom and Uilm are also radiant. “It is a great satisfaction and we consider it an exemplary sentence because it condemns the multinational for the lack of information obligations provided for by the national contract, revokes the dismissal procedure and condemns the group to compensation of 150 thousand euros in favor of the trade unions”, says Luca Trevisan , national secretary Fiom announcing the continuation of the mobilization. In the meantime, workers’ assemblies will be called for next week. “Important result” also for Uilm. “The cancellation of the dismissal procedure must induce the multinational to review its positions and relocation strategies”, asks Michele Paliani, Uilm national coordinator for the shipbuilding sector. Similarly for the Fim. “Now we must immediately relaunch industrial activity and employment in Trieste, the city and the territory cannot afford to lose this important industrial presence”, comments the national secretary Fim-Cisl Massimiliano Nobis. “More than satisfied” in Uglm. “At this point, the Finnish multinational must acknowledge that the unilateral choice is not viable and that the time has come to take the path of constructive dialogue aimed at laying the foundations for new industrial prospects” , concludes the national secretary, Antonio Spera.



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