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Piazza Affari in red, thud for Tenaris


Closing of the week with a real thud for Piazza Affari, pushed downwards like all of Europe by American futures in the red due to fears about a possible recession and the decline beyond the estimates of the PMI indices in the Old Continent. The international scenario weighs between inflation that does not stop and growing tension between Russia and the West, with the EU starting to discuss the new package of sanctions against Moscow over the weekend. The ECB is also evaluating a possible adjustment of the long-term financing operations for banks, the so-called Tltro. The price of oil then dropped sharply, with Brent and WTI down sharply (by about 5%). According to ActivTrades technical analyst Pierre Veyret, the bearish trend on Italian stocks will continue next week. Today the Ftse Mib, the black jersey of Europe, loses 3.36% and closes at 21,066.55 points. The spread between BTPs and German Bunds remains around 220 basis points and the yield of the ten-year bond is steadily above 4%, after hitting a session high of 4.35%. -8.31%). Bad also Leonardo (-6.00%), Eni (-4.74%), stopped in the volatility auction, Iveco (-4.90%), Nexi (-4.18%), Pirelli (-4.33 %), Poste (-2.88%), Saipem (-3.40%), Snam (-3.25%), Stellantis (-4.04%), Tim (-4.41%), Unicredit ( -4.02%) Intesa Sanpaolo (-4.75%), Bper (-3.98%) and Enel (-3.94%). As for Mediobanca (-4.20%), the result is not positive despite the Board of Directors having approved the draft financial statements for the 2021/2022 financial year, confirming the data communicated in July, including the net result of 907 million euros. EUR. In contrast, however, Amplifon, which gains 0.77%. (in collaboration with



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