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Aspi at Sant’Anna di Pisa comparison of company best practices in terms of transparency


The fourth edition of ‘Bif Talks was held this morning at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. Statements, tools, culture ‘. The initiative, organized by Transparency International Italy, saw teachers, managers and representatives of institutions discussing the issue of the culture of integrity in the public and private sector. “For the third time the Bif Talfs is organized together with the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna”, underlines Sabina Nuti, rector of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, who adds: “For the School and its research community it is a very significant fact : not only confirms the important collaboration, destined to grow, with Transparency International Italia and the Business Integrity Forum, but also represents a concrete result of the scientific and cultural commitment of the School, its researchers and its female researchers, in dialoguing with companies to define effective tools and models that ensure sustainable business activity, in terms of prevention of illegality, protection and promotion of human rights and gender equality, protection of environmental resources “.” International data – underlines in this context, the CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia Roberto Tomasi – they tell us that, where the levels of corruption are lower, the well-being indices are taller. As Aspi we feel the responsibility to contribute to this development, guided by the idea of ​​a responsible business. To face this challenge, to achieve our ambitious goals, we have redesigned and grounded a totally renewed company machine, aiming for absolute efficiency, safety and transparency. A process that must be continuously supported and followed: values, simple, clear and transparent processes; non-bureaucratic systems and contexts, with clear assumptions of responsibility “. The Next to Legality program, notes Tomasi,” is an integral part of all the Group’s processes, not an appendix: new control procedures, performance measurement, identification of responsibilities individual. Obviously, a new cultural approach cannot be ignored, made up of values, transparency and external communication: in this context, training plays a leading role and the collaboration with Sant’Anna and Transparency International Italia are a precious support. to continue on our path towards a business model, aimed at the interest of the community “. Next to Legality is the innovative program of Autostrade per l’Italia designed to integrate performance and compliance, guaranteeing integrity, transparency and quality in all business processes: “Corruption – comments Nicola Allocca, Director of Risk, Compliance and Quality of Aspi – is a global issue that we must face, to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. Not being able to guarantee key rights (such as health, education, social welfare, environmental protection) when they are devoured by corruption is the highest form of inequality for our children. For this reason we must have the courage to admit that it is possible to eliminate it and the intellectual honesty to give the fight against corruption a fair dignity among the Sustainable Development Goals: an adequate code of ethics must be connected to these objectives, aiming at strengthening the system. of internal control, advanced training programs and moving on ethical corporate standards to be transformed into concrete actions “.” The basic theme of Bif Talks 2022 is very ambitious – underlines Gaetana Morgante, director of the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics, Development) of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – it is a question of discussing and measuring the effectiveness and potential of the tools, techniques and approaches that companies, especially those that make up the Business Integrity Forum, have put in place to ensure responsible and sustainable business activity. One of the fundamental objectives of this day of study and discussion with the business world is to demonstrate how codes of ethics and integrated compliance systems have acquired in more recent times a value and an operational meaning that is very different from what has been attributed to them in the past. “. It is, he notes,” precisely, tools not only capable of changing the reality of a company and of orienting the corporate culture towards the objectives of legality and sustainability, but also of increasingly representing the prerequisites for making accountable – legally and socially responsible – companies, when those commitments are not met. What we observe, and the Bif Talks confirm it, is a constant and dynamic integration between sustainability and business in a balance where the former does not limit but enhances the latter “.” Transparency International – comments the President of Transparency International Italia, Iole Anna Savini – over the years it has assumed a fundamental role in spreading the values ​​of integrity and the prevention of corruption. Role shared with the companies that actively participate in the BIF and who are now representative here. Ti’s initiatives extend to the point of being the bearer of requests for political decision makers. This time, in consideration of the particular historical moment, Ti has considered taking an active part and has decided to deliver an agenda to the future political decision-maker. These are transversal issues that go beyond the various alignments and are of interest to the functioning and development of the country system, in the public and private sectors. The interventions that are asked of the legislator will be expressed in legislative acts but, alongside the formal acts, there are actions of a voluntary nature and which are no less important for raising awareness for the protection of the values ​​of integrity and transparency “. Among these, the Code of Ethics is of fundamental importance, adds Savini, “the central theme of today’s Bif day and a tool that summarizes the corporate values, as evidenced by the companies participating in our initiatives. However, its effectiveness is strictly connected to the dissemination of the values ​​contained therein, both through the promotion of practices from the management, and through constant awareness-raising activities towards all stakeholders “.



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