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States General of Export, made in Italy and best practices meet in Ravenna


Two days of meetings between small and medium enterprises and large groups to exchange ideas and suggestions as well as the most suitable practices for trading abroad. In an international context undergoing great change and threatened by the war in Ukraine, the works of the States General of Export, now in their fourth edition, opened this morning at the Rasi theater in Ravenna. On Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September there will be 450 Italian and foreign guests. Golden partner of the Bper and Ferrovie dello Stato event, the first as a bank that has its core business in foreign trade, among the first in Italy alongside companies that go beyond the border, the second major exporter of transport technology already present in five European countries, France Spain, Great Britain, Germany and soon Greece. “In Italy we need a ministry for foreign trade” is the appeal launched from the stage by Massimo D’Alema, former prime minister and today president of the Italianieuropei foundation, for a sector that is worth a third of the Italian GDP, 570 billion euro in the last year. “This event is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet – commented D’Alema – the protagonists of this great reality that is export; we are one of the largest exporting countries, in few countries in the world exports have such a significant impact on national wealth. As Italy we are interested in the world resuming dialogue and collaboration because we are part of the world economy, so if the world economy breaks down, we have a damage, not just a danger, but a damage to national wealth; in this 2022 in the first months national exports held up, held up in volume and saw an increase in value and this is a great proof of the reaction of the Italian system “. Stefano Rossetti, deputy director of Bper Banca, spoke at the opening. with a market share of close to 8% in foreign trade, it is among the most committed banks alongside companies across the border. “It must be said that this year we will probably close the year with a figure close to 600 billion in turnover with foreign trade, a figure of 20% higher than that of 2019”, explained Rossetti who added: “We believe that being close to operators, helping them in a market that has intrinsic difficulties is one of the obligations for a national bank. There are fewer than 200,000 Italian companies that export in a consistent manner and there is a huge audience of small and medium-sized enterprises that have any kind of need, even just to know the legislation of the country they are facing. join ventures, like a buyer credit, are therefore companies that ask the bank to be close to them. ”On the first day, focus on one of the Italian excellences, the agri-food chain; on how to export Made in Italy and on the fight against agromafies. But not only that, space also for health with a dedicated session, “Health and Pharma”, which will focus on the challenges of the Italian pharmaceutical industry: a sector that produces 34 billion drugs per year to be exported and which has the 70% of sales on a total turnover of 12.5 billion (2020 figure). The second day, scheduled for tomorrow, will focus on infrastructures as a fundamental lever for foreign trade, on young people (under 35) who are the new leaders in the export sector, and on the work of Ice, the agency that protects Made in Italy. for businesses. “One of the consequences of the war in Ukraine was the loss of two very important markets for Italy – explained Carlo Maria Ferro, President of Ice – one because it was rightly sanctioned, the other for the inability to generate question right now. One of the first actions following the invasion by Russia was to establish a special fund for promotional initiatives to help those companies that were used to exporting to these countries, for initiatives towards new markets and for the diversification of exports. At this moment, exporting to neighboring markets is easier, but seizing those opportunities also towards the United States, which has a great geographical extension and also a lot of potential, or also looking towards Asia and the East is very important given that, being to the forecasts made by Prometeia, those countries are expected to see a great acceleration in demand for imports from all over the world. “” Whoever does business in Italy is a brave man – observed Lorenzo Zurino, president of the Italian Forum in his speech. del’Export – and the positive numbers that exports have in recent months are directly proportional to the courage of Italian entrepreneurs. All the themes of these States General have a common denominator, the ability to sell their products abroad. We will ensure that from these two days of work there is only one big goal, the re-proposal for foreign trade formed by the constituent fathers about seventy years ago, because they understood the strategic importance of this ministry. I believe that a sector that makes up a third of GDP deserves it ”, he concluded.



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