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Isee pre-filled, INPS simplification arrives: how it is calculated


Isee pre-compiled even easier. As part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), among the innovations introduced by INPS there is in fact a further simplification of the presentation of the indicator of the equivalent economic situation, thanks to the fact of overcoming the need for the declarant or the intermediary delegated to enter the balance sheet and income elements previously requested and subjected to the control of the Revenue Agency. With the new method that allows the authorization for the pre-compilation of data also digitally in the DSU (Single Substitute Declaration) by the adult members of the family unit, the data upload is carried out automatically by the Revenue Agency. An operation that brings various benefits: it excludes a negative outcome of the preliminary check on the matching data; relieves the registrant of the burden of providing the data; speeds up the entire ISEE issuing procedure. The importance of simplifying the ISEE calculation, which streamlines the bureaucratic operations necessary up to now, with particular reference to the elaboration of the DSU, affects a considerable number of citizens, i.e. all those who have the right to access social or welfare benefits related to economic situation of your family unit. To demonstrate what has been said, here are some numbers: in 2022, so far, over 10.6 million applications (pre-filled and not) have been handled by the ISEE system of the INPS. A number destined to grow further in the last months of the year due to a foreseeable increase in requests for access to the various income support measures, for which the ISEE needs to be presented. How does the pre-filled ISEE work? With the simplification of the procedure, today an adult member of the family unit, other than the declarant, can authorize the pre-compilation of data also through direct access to the ISEE Information System through digital identity Spid, Cie (Electronic Identity Card) or Cns (Carta Nazionale dei Servizi) .The declarant, after having accessed the pre-filled DSU, can choose the new digital method that requires the necessary authorization from the adult members of the family unit to obtain the pre-compilation of their data. Alternatively, it is possible to proceed according to the method already in use, by inserting the evidence, income and assets, for the adult members of the family unit. The pre-filled data must be accepted or modified by the declarant within three months of their receipt. to the Revenue Agency the request to receive the pre-filled data of the members of the family unit; the Revenue Agency verifies the feedback data and sends the data necessary to fill in the Dsu to the INPS; INPS communicates to the declarant by email and sms notification that the DSU has been processed. In the final phase, the DSU is part of the precompiled ISEE system and the user can: accept or modify the precompiled data; indicate further data to be self-declared; request the Isee certificate which in this case is issued at the moment. To find out how the pre-filled ISEE works on the site, a dedicated section is available that provides a series of useful, easy-to-consult tools. First of all through three specific tutorials that with a user friendly graphic interface accompany the user step by step to fill in the declaration: The first tutorial describes the process of acquiring the DSU and the innovations introduced; The second tutorial indicates the operations of the first phase, necessary to obtain the precompiled data of the DSU; The third tutorial indicates the operations of the second phase, necessary to complete the DSU and to obtain the ISEE indicators. Furthermore, on the portal there are further functions through which it is possible: the simulation of the ISEE calculation: the simulator allows to calculate in a simple and intuitive way the ordinary ISEE and the specific ISEE; DSU management: a specific file collects all the declarations submitted in order to have the status of each of them under control. In fact, we remind you that a DSU presented may not yet be certified and consequently also be canceled. While the attested DSUs can be rectified or replaced temporarily; consultation of the various declarations presented: allows you to view the list of declarations of a subject in which he is present as a member of the family unit and / or as an additional component. In this section it is possible to request the pdf file for each DSU. the receipt of presentation and the declaration of the attestation.



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