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American culture festival in Rome kicks off, focus on digital trends


The first edition of the Festival of American Culture kicks off in Rome, at the Centro Studi Americani, with the panel entitled “The evolution of digital trends in the various sectors of society and business: a comparison between the US and Italy”, and opened by greetings from Isabella Cascarano, advisor for commercial affairs at the American embassy in Rome. “We strongly believe in the important role that American companies can play in the digital transformation, alongside and together with central and local administrations and in concert with Italian institutions,” she said. On this occasion, the leading companies in the sector discussed their best practices and the role of companies with respect to the needs of the new digital society, in all areas of possible application of the technology. During the debate, some protagonists of this process intervened, to offer interpretations from a privileged and successful perspective. “The trend of digitalization also affects the world of health closely, especially after the pandemic, which accelerated this process – comments Federica Mazzotti, Commercial Excellence & Business Transformation Director of Janssen Italia, the pharmaceutical company of the Johnson & Johnson Group – Today digital healthcare offers many tools available to doctors and patients, useful both for facilitating the connection and for correct dissemination of scientific information. Numerous Janssen projects such as Janssen Medical Cloud, to support healthcare professionals with medical-scientific information (therapies, studies, scientific articles) and Janssen Con Te, a platform for information on pathologies, with useful services such as “The expert responds ”To be ever closer to patients and caregivers. At Janssen, we work every day for a future in which diseases are a thing of the past and we are convinced that digital can help achieve our mission. “” Digital innovations capable of generating new opportunities for the development of society and improving life they are already a reality of all: from artificial intelligence, to holograms, to solutions for smart cities and augmented reality – says Paolo Pinzoni, Head of Public Affairs Strategies at Vodafone Italia. The current challenge is to spread these solutions and make them accessible to all citizens. Only in this way – he concludes – will it be possible to pool the enormous potential of digitization. “” Embracing the digital revolution can allow us to confidently face the challenges that this historical moment poses to us – a revolution that cannot ignore values, before moreover that from the solutions, of environmental sustainability but also social and economic – says Alessandra Santacroce, Director of Institutional Relations Ibm Italy – “Technological innovation, today, is in fact an efficiency and optimization driver, a competitive lever for companies and the public administration. However, strategic governance is increasingly urgent that knows how to orchestrate exponential technologies such as AI, cloud and quantum, so that they can help us, safely and with the right skills, to address concrete and current challenges and problems. Finally – concludes Santacroce – it is necessary to work from an ecosystem perspective, in which collaboration between the various players nurtures synergies to unlock the great potential of our country, also thanks to the contribution of excellence that reflect shared values ​​regardless of geography “. The debate took place in the context of the first edition of the American Culture Festival, running in Rome until Friday 23 September, through a rich calendar of events. In these days, experts, public and private actors, from the USA, Italy and all over Europe, come together to debate the most current trends in the field of literature, music, art and celebrate the stories of success that have linked the parallel evolution of Italian and American society in recent decades.



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