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MAXXI-Istituto Credito Sportivo memorandum of understanding for cultural enhancement


The President of the Maxxi Foundation – National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Giovanna Melandri, and the President of the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, Andrea Abodi, today signed a memorandum of understanding in Rome to collaborate on strategic projects and operations with the in order to contribute to the economic and social recovery through the enhancement of cultural activities in compliance with the values ​​of sustainability and liveability of the urban environment. Maxxi, the first national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity and a research institution that also develops urban regeneration and sustainable design actions, and the Istituto per Credito Sportivo, a social bank for sustainable development in Italy through Sport and Culture, with this agreement are intended to foster collaboration, consistently and within the limits of their institutional prerogatives, also through the portfolio of opportunities – financial products and advisory services – that ICS will make available to the Foundation. intents, provides for ICS support for the development plans of the Maxxi Foundation and its intense cultural agenda, aimed at the enhancement of a precious material and intangible heritage. among other things, the energy efficiency of the museum , the construction of the Maxxi Hub, a new multifunctional and sustainable building, and of the Maxxi Green, the equipped public green system that will contribute to the improvement of the microclimate in the Flaminio district, hosting productive gardens, open-air exhibitions, workshops on the design of greenery and landscape and to promote and promote the sustainability and quality of life in the city, helping to mitigate pollution and maintain a systemic biodiversity integrated with the surrounding urban fabric and experiment with the use of photovoltaics in buildings of architectural value. has therefore allocated a ceiling of 30 million euros in favor of the Maxxi Foundation, for the granting of loans with a maximum duration of 20 years, aimed at investments relating to the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, which will be able to enjoy the special benefits provided by the two Sections of the Culture Fund – Guarantees and Interest Grants – affidat or separately managed by the ICS. In the context of the interventions financed by ICS, particular importance will be given to sustainability, to the elements of integration of the ESG criteria, to the respect of social values ​​and to the aspects of good management, to the issues of energy efficiency, the removal of architectural barriers, compliance and safety, the technological implementation of infrastructures and the digitization of cultural heritage. “The agreement between the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo and the Maxxi Foundation – declared the President of Credito Sportivo Andrea Abodi – represents a true and precisely the watershed, where culture begins to be perceived as an effective and essential engine of the social economy of the city of Rome and of the entire nation, as a concrete and useful tool for improving the quality of life of citizens. This agreement represents a great opportunity for ICS to contribute to the further improvement of Maxxi, a fascinating and precious place in the capital, which will certainly find the most appropriate and effective ways to ‘dialogue’ and interact virtuously with other spaces dedicated to Sport and Culture of the Flaminio district, enhancing the present heritage and anticipating the appointment with the future one, as well as soliciting a creativity that respects the context and mobilizing public and private financial resources also through the use of new tools. For Credito Sportivo it is a source of pride and professional satisfaction, also from a civic point of view, to be able to concretely support the construction of the Grande Maxxi, which will provide a formidable contribution to the urban regeneration process of the neighborhood, thanks to the creation of an integrated system of infrastructures and green areas, which represent a real challenge of urban revolution and innovative ecology, from which the whole city will benefit, also in terms of inspiration. “Comments Giovanna Melandri, President of the Maxxi Foundation:” I am particularly pleased with this agreement based on values municipalities such as support for culture, experimentation, sustainable design and urban regeneration. In particular, starting from Bas Smets’ prototype project for Maxxi Green, together with the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, it will be possible to encourage the development of bioclimatic design to improve the microclimate, sustainability and liveability of the Flaminio district “.



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