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Piazza Affari in red despite the towing of bank stocks


European stock exchanges follow the Asian crash following the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates by 75 basis points to combat inflation that is still too high. On the Italian front – awaiting the vote – analysts and investors are worried about the hot topics that the new government will have to deal with immediately. Despite the strong pull of banking stocks, Piazza Affari closed the session at -1.07% with 21,800 points. The UniCredit rally stands out on the main Milanese list, which at the end of the day, after a stop due to an excess of rise, marks +5.09 %. In fact, CEO Andrea Orcel confirmed that the bank can reach its financial targets for the next few years even in the event of an economic recession. In managed savings, FinecoBank’s performance was excellent (+ 4.58%). Positive values ​​also for BPER Banca (+ 3.07%) and BancoBPM (+1.96%). Negative session for DiaSorin with -5.8%, ST Micro which falls by -5.76% and Pirelli which closes the session with a decline of -3.22%. The BTP-Bund spread exceeds 220 basis points, with the ten-year BTP yield at 4.15%. (in collaboration with



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