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Vino, D’Auria: “thousands of visitors to open cellars in Harvest ”


“Thousands and thousands of visitors returned to visit our cellars after two years of covid, also in this harvest period. A tradition of wine tourism that has been renewed for thirty years in the 800 wineries that adhere to the Movement”. This was stated at Adnkronos by Nicola D’Auria, president of the Wine Tourism Movement, the association that promotes wine culture with various initiatives, from Calici di stelle in the summer to Open Cellars and today continues with ‘Open Cellars in Harvest’. A full calendar of events for Italian and foreign wine lovers in small and medium-sized Italian farms with tastings, lunches and dinners in the vineyard, exhibitions, music, entertainment and much more. According to recent estimates, the sector has a turnover of 2.5 billion euros (pre-pandemic data) also because in the summer, the Calici di Stelle evenings involve millions of wine enthusiasts in the vineyards and cellars. “It is an experiential tourism that also embraces families and we do our best to make the work behind wine understand, even for children with a preparatory activity, so that they can be prepared, one day later, to conscious consumption “. In fact, MTV fights to make wine culture, a sensitivity that unfortunately does not belong to the Northern European countries where the excessive consumption of alcohol and spirits influences exaggeratedly restrictive policies in Europe. “We are undergoing attacks, we hope that people understand” says D’Auria about the document ‘European framework for action on alcohol 2022-2025 ′ recently presented by the WHO. Among other things, cohesion is needed in the world of wine but “creating a system between wineries is not so easy” admits D’Auria. Meanwhile, in many areas of Italy the harvest has just been carried out, in others the grapes are about to be harvested and the year promises to be good. “We started early this year and the grapes are healthy and good, we are satisfied because with a dry summer there is little work in the cellar”, concludes D’Auria.



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