Bad weather, from Bper a ceiling of 500 million for families and businesses affected

From the B group for an intervention with a ceiling of 500 million to alleviate the inconvenience of families, businesses, traders and artisans who have suffered damage as a result of the wave of bad weather that has hit numerous provinces of Italy in recent weeks. The ceiling will be allocated to loans at favorable conditions. This was made known by the banking group. It may also be required, explains Bper, a moratorium of up to 12 months of existing loans with presentation of self-certification of the damage suffered. “Natural disasters are a problem that unfortunately our country has always suffered from”, declares the deputy general manager of Bper Banca, Stefano Rossetti. “We are prepared to be able to intervene promptly in favor of families and businesses throughout the national territory. As in the past, we are ready also in this circumstance: we have already received several requests, our colleagues are at work to provide assistance and answer all questions as soon as possible “.