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The smart farming (also Italian) of insects


Traditional farms, whether intensive or extensive, are unable to meet the food needs of a world population starting at 8 billion, above all through the current lack of sustainability of the entire supply chain. The use of water and the introduction of CO2 to produce just one kg of beef are currently disproportionate to the yield: 64 kg of CO2 and 112 liters of water per gram of protein. The answer to world protein needs also comes from insects. Unlike livestock, they need little space and few resources to be reared: 12 liters of water per gram of protein are enough, and 15 square meters per 1kg of insects (compared to 250 square meters per 1kg of beef). Not only that: they have a higher protein concentration than meat (60% of crickets against 43% of poultry and 54% of beef), as well as a greater intake of essential vitamins and minerals. The world of European food tech has been looking for years at this sector with a very high potential, which allows to obtain high quality proteins with few resources and in a sustainable way, often with zero waste, which are then used in feed for farm animals and aquaculture. The French Ynsect, the British AgriProtein, the Dutch Protix, are just some of the companies that have integrated the breeding of insects into their production, using waste from the food industry to feed them and reusing them in turn as a source of proteins for agriculture and breeding. In mid-February Protix raised over € 15 million in funds from new investors to expand and optimize its production. The Dutch company explains on its website that it also uses funds from the European Program for Rural Development to study insect-oriented smart farming solutions, with the aim of creating a software that optimizes farm management with a view to The extra step, after the EU green light for the production of flour moths for human food consumption last May 4, is being taken by two Italian startups, which have the declared goal of bringing insects to our tables. Fucibo is the first Italian brand of transformed insects, and 21bites is an ecommerce that sells the super foods of the future throughout Europe (in addition to insects, algae, moringa, baobab and hemp). Behind them are the resourcefulness of two young entrepreneurs, Lorenzo Pezzato and Davide Rossi, convinced of the need to combine sustainability, innovation and taste, offering the foods we know revisited with a new ingredient. The insects, in fact, which, transformed into flour, enter the composition of pasta, crackers, chips and bars, all with a high protein content. Fucibo, in particular, offers a 100% Made in Italy production of traditional foods, adapting the new ingredients to the taste and habits of our home.



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