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Inflation, Coacons: +3,152 euros per year per family with two children


Inflation, still very high and equal to 7.9% in July, “is a tragedy for consumers and will have very serious effects on the national economy”. This was stated by Codacons commenting on the Istat data released today by Istat. The inflation rate at 7.9% translates to the same consumption in a higher expenditure equal to +2,427 euros per year for the ‘typical’ family, which reaches +3,152 euros per year for a household with two children, considering the total consumption of a family, the Codacons calculates. Considering the overall trend of inflation in our country, this means that, with the same consumption, Italians suffer during the year an increase in expenditure equal to a total of +53.5 billion euros for the purchase of goods and services. compared to 2021, of which 10.9 billion euros only for food expenditure due to the increase in prices and tariffs. “We are in the presence of a real national emergency that will have heavy effects on the economy and on the economic conditions of families” explains the president Carlo Rienzi. “It is necessary to intervene urgently by immediately cutting the VAT on basic necessities such as food , whose prices in July underwent a record increase of + 10% on an annual basis, in order to allow an immediate reduction in retail price lists and allow families to put food on the table without suffering a drain “concludes Rienzi.


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