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Support decree bis, more resources for refreshments and holiday bonuses


More resources at the refreshment points, ‘enhanced’ holiday bonuses, tools to support the labor market. These are what Adnkronos learns, the latest hypotheses on the government’s table for the 40 billion Bis Dl Sostegni Bis (of which 5 would go to the extra Pnrr investments of 2021) expected in the Council of Ministers on Monday, or more likely on Tuesday. RESTAURANTS. The two-stage refreshment scheme (automatic advance payment and adjustment based on actual losses at the end of the year) would increase spending from the 14 billion previously estimated to almost 18 billion. For coverage, the government should draw on the approximately 2 billion savings of the Sostegni 1 dl, while the other 2 billion missing should be found in other savings or in the folds of the budget. In detail, the support scheme should include: a first automatic disbursement based on the parameters previously established and a balance at the end of the year linked to the losses recorded in the financial statements or accounted for in the tax return with attention to the gross operating margin figure and the helpful. The government is studying an extra allowance for categories that remained closed even in May, such as restaurants with no open space. WORK. Labor Minister Andrea Orlando is working on a ‘toolbox’ package of measures to protect and revive employment. These also include tools that involve the social partners to ensure that “crises can be managed through bargaining without resorting to layoffs. They are tools – said Orlando – of a box necessary to face the transition we are facing”. Among the dem proposals circulated in recent days for the work package, the strengthening of expansion contracts and re-employment interventions with specific contracts to help the most affected categories such as tourism, catering, agricultural workers and entertainment. TOURISM. An enhancement of the holiday bonus introduced in 2020 and extended by the Milleproroghe decree until 31 December 2021 is being studied. The measure addressed to families with Isee within 40 thousand euros and usable by only one member of the family, has met with little success: of the 2 , 6 billion allocated 840 million have been used. To facilitate its use, the possibility of applying the discount not only in the structures, but directly to the purchase in travel agencies or through tour operators and the hypothesis of ‘breaking it up’ and spending it in more structures or for more holidays is being studied. LIQUID ASSETS’. The government is working on an extension of the measures introduced in the Liquidity dl last year, in the middle of the pandemic. The subsidized loans with Sace or Fondo Pmi guarantee would be extended until 31 December from the current expiry date of 30 June. For loans of up to 30 thousand euros with a guarantee from the SME Fund, the repayment would be extended from the current 6 years to ten, but the current 100% guarantee would drop to 90%.



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