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II edition pipeline & gas expo and Innovativa Hydrogen Expo presented


The second edition of the Pipeline & gas expo (Pge) was presented in the conference room of Confindustria Piacenza, the exhibition-conference entirely dedicated to the ‘Mid-Stream’ sectors and the Oil & Gas distribution networks, but also the water ones, in program from 8 to 10 June 2022 in the spaces of Pavilion One of the Piacenza Expo. The three days will take place simultaneously with the first edition of the Hydrogen Expo (Pavilion Two), the Italian exhibition-conference aimed at the technological sector for the development of the hydrogen supply chain. Introducing the two innovative fairs, the Mayor of Piacenza, Patrizia Barbieri, Francesco Rolleri and Nicola Parenti, respectively president and vice president of confindustria piacenza, Giuseppe Cavalli, president of piacenza expo and Fabio Potesta ‘, director of mediapoint & exhibitions, organizing company of the two events. With 200 exhibitors already confirmed, the two exhibitions-conferences were deliberately conceived by Mediapoint & Exhibitions on the same days and in adjacent spaces to encourage the creation of a production network, offering a ground for meeting and synergistic exchange between producers and operators from around the world ” Oil, Gas & Water ”(with Pipeline & gas expo) and the protagonists of the hydrogen supply chain (with Hydrogen Expo). The decarbonisation policy aimed at reducing global pollution sees hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, since it can be generated using renewable energy, transported, stored and used as a gas. “For years, we had already noted the lack of a demonstration. also at a European level dedicated to “Mid-Stream” and “Utility Construction”, a technological, industrial and economic sector of enormous importance, above all because it is strongly connected with the energy issue “, Fabio Potestà points out. “There is no doubt, however, that the particular geo-political situation we are facing at the moment further exacerbates its importance, especially for our country which risks paying the most serious consequences due to the strong dependence on gas. coming from Russia. Having combined the Pipeline & gas expo event with the Hydrogen expo constitutes a further added value for all those who come to visit the Piacenza exhibitions and, above all, for those belonging to the most energy-intensive companies, whose survival it is so strongly linked to the costs of the so-called energy bill “. A combination with great prospects from the point of view of the environmental challenge, but which, in order to express its full potential, needs direct dialogue with the institutions. Which in fact will play a leading role in the three days of Piacenza. Not surprisingly, both PGE and Hydrogen expo enjoy the patronage, among others, of 3 Ministries (Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility and Ministry of Ecological Transition), of Enea and that of Conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Piacenza. “The issue of hydrogen is a new challenge for energy policies. As the city of Piacenza we are particularly interested, having Snam networks in our area that could be used for storage “, explains the Mayor of Piacenza, Patrizia Barbieri,” but in order to implement this type of initiatives, they must be shared not only between institutions, but also with the business world. So we facilitate contacts to bring home concrete results ” The Pipeline & gas expo will bring together the companies involved in the design, construction and maintenance of gas pipelines, oil pipelines and aqueducts, but also that gas distribution networks (primary and secondary) and water and the related suppliers of plants, machines, equipment and materials. Hydrogen expo, despite being in its first edition, immediately established itself as a privileged stage for the entire young hydrogen supply chain, the main interlocutor for those “energy-intensive” industries, now penalized by the international situation, which can be found in the technology of hydrogen an answer to their needs. “Today we are experiencing many difficulties especially with regard to energy-intensive companies, the industrial cost increases exponentially and it is not always possible to pass the costs on to the customer. But fortunately we no longer have companies that were afraid of having to suspend production. Everyone, in one way or another, managed to reorganize themselves “, comments Dr. Francesco Rolleri, President of Confindustria Piacenza. And it is precisely these entrepreneurs who look with confidence to the potential of hydrogen as an alternative energy source. In fact, Rolleri adds: “certainly hydrogen is one of the opportunities that the immediate future presents. We are no longer in the field of research and development. There are already applications in the test phase, so we have to work on them in a coordinated way, because we need sources alternatives now “. The dense schedule of meetings and conferences that accompanies the two Piacenza kermesse was conceived to offer moments of reflection and discussion on the issues inherent to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and ecological reconversion. During the workshops, industry experts and companies will try to propose a systemic response to the increasingly pressing demand for the reduction of sources of atmospheric pollution. Naturally, a reflection on the current international situation, due to the Ukrainian crisis, cannot be missing. On Wednesday 8 June, to coincide with the inauguration of the two events, the gala dinner reserved for the participants of the two events will be held in the beautiful Sala degli Arazzi of the Alberoni Gallery in Piacenza, which will give the exhibitors the opportunity to “network” in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere.


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