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Marriage leave 2022, new method of applying for allowance


From today, the online procedure for the forwarding of the allowance application for marital leave with direct payment by the INPS is available. This was announced by the National Insurance Institute in a note. The following can apply for the allowance: unemployed workers who in the ninety days preceding the marriage / civil union have worked in the employ of industrial companies, artisans or cooperatives for at least fifteen days; workers who, without prejudice to the existence of the employment relationship, are in any case not in service for any justified reason (for example, recall to arms). The amount of the allowance is equal to seven days of salary (eight days for seafarers) and is paid by INPS on the occasion of a civil marriage or concordat or civil union (religious marriage alone does not give the right to the service). The service is available online on the INPS website, via a level 2 spid, or a national service card (cns) or electronic identity card 3.0 (cie). Alternatively, the Institute explains, you can contact the contact center of the Institute, by calling the number 803164 from the fixed network or 06164164 from the mobile network, or use the telematic services offered by the patronage bodies and intermediaries of the Institute. This service is included in the Non-Retirement Benefits Hub, a unified platform designed and developed as part of the NRP to simplify how to submit applications and make the definition of applications more timely and efficient.

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