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Pnrr, Proger survey: 77% Italians ask for infrastructure maintenance


Almost eight out of 10 Italians support the need for part of the funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to go to the maintenance of existing infrastructures. This is the data that emerges from the monthly Proger Index Research Observatory which probes public opinion on the major current issues. Data in hand, overall for 77% of Italians it is necessary to invest to ensure the best maintenance of existing infrastructures before creating new ones. At the top of the maintenance priorities to be guaranteed are public buildings, roads and bridges, followed by aqueducts, tunnels and viaducts. “A strong sense of reality emerges from this survey”, comments Marco Lombardi, CEO of Proger spa, the engineering and management company that carried out the survey through the subsidiary ProgerSmart Communication. “The country actually needs to make it safer and more adequate the existing infrastructural assets, however only half of Italians have confidence in the spending power of our country “says Lombardi.” We must be optimistic – he observes – despite the criticalities and emergencies that are affecting the international, European and Italian economic system. Pnrr will ensure important resources between now and 2026: a good 191.5 billion, of which 69 as non-repayable grants. And God knows how much it is needed to counter the winds of crisis of these months. But you have to spend this money well. the issue of maintenance is fundamental to give the country a future. And the Italians have well understood it. “” LESS THAN 2 ITALIANS OUT OF 10 KNOW THE FUND DESTINATION “- Less de According to what emerges from the monthly Proger Index Research Observatory, 20% of respondents admit that they know where the billions we will receive from the NRP will actually be directed. 45% of those interviewed say they know but ‘not exactly’, only 52% believe that the money from the PNRR will be well spent, to make the country more modern and more than 40% say they are decidedly pessimistic. , leaving unspent resources on the ground. It would take a coordinator who instead of leaving hundreds of unanswered tenders, decides for example at a central level to reshape spending by concentrating the funds only on those that are really viable and economically consistent with the reality that has changed in the meantime “says Marco Lombardi.” It will arrive. a lot of water in a plant that does not have adequate pipes for distribution “, he observes.” We are already very late: in 2021 we should have spent 15.5 billion and a month ago the expenditure figure was just over 5 billion. Perhaps it would have been useful to centralize the decision-making levels a little. It was right to imagine the involvement of the territories. Local authorities know more and better the needs of communities and businesses. Listening is essential. But at the same time it would have been useful to take greater responsibility for decision-making and operational choices also upstream, at the central level “, underlines Lombardi. Of the 191 billion of the NRP,” about 50 billion will go to the municipalities and about 15 to the Regions. 70% of the Italian Municipalities has less than a thousand inhabitants and does not have adequate technical structures, capable of ‘grounding’ this amount of money, think of the preparation of projects or of the simple documentation for the completion of tenders up to the management of the works . Look at the theme of the increase in costs – he explains – of raw materials. Over 70% of existing projects are out of date with respect to the issue of price adjustments “.

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