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Land registry reform, EU: “In Italy, antiquated values ​​and too many taxes on labor”


In Italy, the tax wedge on labor “at all income levels” remains “very high” when compared to other EU states. “At the same time, other sources of revenue, less damaging to growth, are underused, which leaves room for the reduction of labor taxation in a budget-neutral way. The cadastral values ​​that serve as a basis for calculating the wealth tax are largely antiquated “. The European Commission underlines this in its specific recommendations for Italy. The “number” and “extent” of tax breaks, including for VAT, are “high”, so according to the Commission it would be necessary to act to “optimize” them. Finally, despite the “relatively high” revenue from energy taxes, the way they are structured “does not sufficiently promote the transition to cleaner technologies, also due to the extensive use of environmentally harmful subsidies”. -long term, in Italy “a more growth-friendly and more efficient tax system would help reduce high public debt, help productivity growth and support job creation, especially for women”. Confedilizia: “Brussels disconcerting , no to tax reform “” The pandemic ends and the European Commission returns to re-propose its’ recommendation ‘to Italy to update the land registry to increase housing taxes. It is disconcerting, and the fact that someone is already talking about’ assist ‘towards Palazzo Chigi is significant “. This is what Giorgio Spaziani Testa, president of Confedilizia, affirms in a note. “It should not be forgotten, in fact, that the report of the Ministry of Economy that accompanies the fiscal delegation – underlines Spaziani Testa – expressly admits that the article on the land registry is ‘consistent’ with the request of the EU to increase taxation on real estate through intervention on the land registry “. “At this point – attacks the Confedilizia summit – the agreement between the center-right and the Prime Minister, which is still not formalized, can no longer leave you alone. If in the majority there is a party who really wants to defend the savings of Italian families and oppose destructive economic recipes, demand that the tax reform, which is not linked to the NRP and in any case with the dangerous contours of a blank delegation to the Government, does not come to fruition. The whole country will gain from it. To defend the savings of Italians the only one road is to block the reform “.

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