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Revenue Agency: ‘open’ online services, delegation to family members


Consult the tax drawer and mortgage and cadastral data, request a duplicate health card, read the communications sent by the tax authorities, access the pre-filled tax return. From today, those who have no way of personally accessing these and other services, available in the reserved area of ​​the site by the Revenue Agency, will be able to delegate a family member or a trusted person. The novelty is contained in a provision by the director of the Agency, which aims to facilitate taxpayers who have difficulty in accessing information and online tax services via spid, electronic identity card and national service card. The simplification primarily concerns guardians and special trustees, support administrators and parents of minor children, but also applies to those who want to allow a relative or another trusted person to access on their own. Today’s provision illustrates, case by case, the rules for granting or obtaining the authorization, so as to make the most of the opportunities offered by the telematic tax authorities. The qualifications will be valid until 31 December of the year in which they were issued. ‘Opening’ your online services to a family member or trusted person is an option available to all taxpayers is to request authorization for access, on their own account, to the online services of the Revenue Agency by the spouse, child, relative up to the fourth degree or a trusted person. Each taxpayer may designate only one representative and each person may be designated by a maximum of three taxpayers. The power of attorney cannot be conferred on a professional basis. The power of attorney can be presented by the represented person at any territorial office of the Agency, through the web service ‘Delivery of documents and requests’ available in the reserved area or by sending the documentation via certified e-mail to a provincial revenue department. If, on the other hand, the represented person is unable to present the power of attorney directly due to pathologies, the application can be presented by the chosen trusted person at any territorial office of the Agency, attaching a copy of the identity document of both and the attestation of the state of impediment of the represented issued by the family doctor. The information included in the certificates must not exceed that present in the facsimile available on the Agency’s website. The guardian (or, in the cases provided for, the special curator) may request to be enabled to access online services on behalf of the person under protection by submitting the appropriate form available on the website of the Revenue Agency (“Access request form to online services for guardians, special curators and support administrators “) and attaching the documentation certifying their qualification. Similar procedures are envisaged for special trustees and support administrators. The provision also illustrates the rules for parents of minors (subjects who exercise parental responsibility). Access to the reserved area will always take place through the personal credentials of the representative who, after authentication via spid, cie or cns, will be able to choose whether to operate on his own or on behalf of the person represented. In the latter case, the representative will be able to work for various online services, such as viewing, modifying and sending the pre-filled declaration or requesting a duplicate of the health card. It will also be possible to access much of the information available in the reserved area of ​​the Agenzia delle Entrate website, such as the land registry consultations, the tax drawer, the printing of the F24 forms, the pagoPA payment receipts, the regularity and irregularity notices. and other communications. The following table shows the complete list of services for which the qualification of a representative is already envisaged.

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