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Honey, millefiori is the favorite of Italians


(Sec / Adnkronos) In place of sugar, as a greedy food and as an antidote to sore throats. These are some of the uses of honey according to the Italians, detected by the survey of the monthly magazine ‘Vita in Campagna’ carried out on a sample of 1300 hobby farmers from all Italian regions for World Bee Day (World Bee Day, 20 May), with the aim of evaluating attitudes and habits with respect to this food. As for the different varieties, wildflower honey – witness of biodiversity – was elected as the preferred type by 27% of respondents, followed by acacia honey (24%) and chestnut honey (22%). More unusual but still available varieties follow: linden honey (13%), citrus honey (12%) and thyme honey (2%). And interesting data also emerges in relation to the purchase: over two out of three respondents buy honey from local producers, while only 20% go to supermarkets or food shops. An encouraging sign for the world of small agricultural producers, and which represents a virtuous link with the territory and with zero-kilometer choices. The data on self-production is considerable, reaching 13%, with a prevalence of male beekeepers.

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