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Saliola (Manageritalia): “Rome has always known how to innovate, a central tertiary role”


“I close my eyes and see Rome as I would like it. I see Rome projected into the future. The different, evolved, sustainable dream. And, as William Butler Yeats said, ‘Responsibilities begin in dreams’. For too long our city has lived in myth of eternity: it is useless to change, history speaks for us. Stop! Do not change anything: tomorrow Rome will still be there and to quote the great Ettore Petrolini, it will be ‘more beautiful and stronger than before!’ able to innovate, changing itself without losing the identity that makes it unique and eternal “. Thus Roberto Saliola, president of Manageritalia Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Sardinia and Umbria, in his report during the round table ‘Rome, the city that reinvents the future’, during the assembly of the territorial association. “This meeting of ours, which ideally follows that of last November where we talked about the dormant beauty of Rome, will describe Rome as it will be, as we would like it to be, founding prediction, hope, on some fundamental guidelines linked together and fed by importance, by the weight and growth that the service sector has in our city and in our region “, he adds. “The round table that this report introduces – he explains again – is ideally divided into two moments: the first speaks of a future in the short term, where work, mobility, tourism, culture and the tertiary sector will be the guidelines that will allow Rome to recover what has been lost. in terms of visibility and attractiveness. The second part of the round table, on the other hand, for issues such as urban development, the use of our cultural heritage or integrated mobility, aims to indicate in Rome the model to follow and study for the urban development of the future ” he concludes.

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