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Rome, Saliola (Manageritalia): “Destination manager is needed for an integrated tourism offer”


“For Rome, three possible development paths can be identified. The natural evolution of the concept of culture, which is no longer to be understood as exclusively linked to the protection and conservation of historical memory, but also to the production of cultural events and activities that must be able to to convey the image of our city and consequently to promote the entire national economic system. A second line concerns the use of an adequately trained management to improve the tourist offer. In this context, management is an indispensable lever for improving the quality of the tourist offer. By placing a managerial figure, the Destination manager, alongside the players in the tourism system, it will be easier to guarantee an integrated offer, consistent with the characteristics of the territory and more attractive “. Thus Roberto Saliola, president of Manageritalia Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Sardinia and Umbria, in his report during the round table ‘Rome, the city that reinvents the future’, during the assembly of the territorial association. “And finally, those destinations that will be able to contaminate the tourism sector with all other sectors that qualify the distinctive features of a territory will be more competitive. to pursue different specific objectives. Nor can work be the same as yesterday “. “From the debate and the experience of these months of pandemic on agile work, new words and concepts have emerged, such as the right to disconnect, etiquette, new evaluation system, new leadership style, rethinking of workspaces. a tool, from an emergency tool, partially adapted to the complexity of the world of work, to become a real alternative to work physically present in the company “, continues Saliola. “And it is important that this happens – he continues – and it is a commitment that we must solemnly undertake, because, as our country is now known, the ability to know how to manage emergencies has always been recognized, but then we get lost in the implementation phase and consolidation. It will not be a short or simple path, because in addition to operating on the legislative and regulatory structure, it will be essential to intervene on the organizational culture of companies, and on the cultural approach on the part of workers. It is about innovating: and when it comes to innovation we are convinced that Manageritalia must be present, as its history as a professional innovator demonstrates “, he adds. “We are ready as Manageritalia to make our contribution to the development of a system that facilitates the adaptation of the smart working tool to the needs of the world of work, without penalizing the development and career progression of the worker and the protection of his rights , while ensuring increased productivity and business performance. A Lebanese philosopher, Nassim Taleb, said that decline begins with the replacement of dreams with memories, and ends with the replacement of memories with other memories. the right to dream! ‘”, concludes Saliola.

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