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Pensions abroad, certificates and payments: what’s changing, what’s new


May 14, 2021

In the coming days, pensioners who collect in Europe, Africa and Oceania will receive from Citibank na the application forms for proof of existence in life. Inps communicates this in a note. “The verification of the existence in life of pensioners who collect abroad is of particular importance for the Institute, since the difficulty of acquiring complete, updated and timely information on the death of pensioners exposes them to the concrete risk of making non-payment payments. due ”, it is emphasized. The assessment, starting from 2012, is carried out by Citibank na, the credit institution that carries out payments outside the national territory on behalf of INPS. However, the spread of the pandemic due at Covid-19 has entailed, at a global level, the adoption of measures to contain the contagion that have also had an important impact on the activities related to this verification. Therefore, to protect pensioners and all those involved, it was agreed with Citibank a new scheduling of the campaign to ascertain the existence in life, in particular, with reference to pensioners residing in Europe, Africa and Oceania, excluding one of the Scandinavian countries and Eastern European countries, Citibank na should have sent the requests for attestation of existence in life, starting from January 2021, and these certifications should have been received by the bank within the first half of the month of June 2021 However, “considering the health risks associated with the evolution of the infection”, the Institute deemed it appropriate “to postpone the start of the life assessment campaign for four months”. Therefore, starting from the current month of May 2021, Citibank will handle the dispatch of requests for proof of existence in life to pensioners residing in the aforementioned geographical areas, certificates to be returned to the bank by September 2021. TIMES AND PAYMENTS If the certificate is not is produced, the payment of the October 2021 installment will be made in cash at the Western Union agencies and, in the event of non-collection of personnel or non-production of the certificate of existence by October 19, 2021, the payment of the pension will be suspended starting from the next installment of November 2021. The Institute has provided a period of four months to certify the existence in life, so ” it is not necessary that pensioners, as in the past, go immediately, as soon as they receive letters, at consular offices, patronages or local authorities, also in consideration of the need to avoid dangerous gatherings, given the emergency Healthcare in progress. ” HOW TO DO It is also recalled that INPS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have shared a project that provides the possibility for pensioners to relate to consular offices through a video call service. The agreement provides that it is possible to certify the existence in life also in the following way: the pensioner who receives by ordinary mail from Citibank na the standard form of request for attestation of existence in life, containing, among other things, the personal details of the pensioner, the INPS number and the Citibank n code identifying the pensioner, fill it in, also indicating the telephone number and e-mail address, affixing his handwritten signature and the date of subscription to the same. The pensioner must then send a digital copy of this form, and an identity document, to the institutional e-mail address of the local consular office in the country of residence, which contacts the pensioner using the e-mail address, if present on the model. , via video call, through the most popular applications to date such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex or WhatsApp, if the model has a telephone number. in life of the pensioner and the correspondence of the data contained in the form, already received by the consular office by e-mail together with the digital copy of the identity document, with the data contained in the original identity document, which the pensioner will be invited to show in the video call. If enabled on the agent portal made available by Citibank na, the officer of the consular office certifies existence in life through the same portal. In this case, the official of the authorized consular office in any case invites the pensioner to send the original form, dated and signed, by ordinary mail, to the consular office, for the purposes of keeping the documents. If not enabled for the agent portal, the official during the video call invites the pensioner to send the original attestation form, dated and signed, by ordinary mail, to the consular office, so that he can complete the validation of the form in the usual manner ; the consular office then sends the original of the form to Citibank na by ordinary post. Therefore, in order to make this video call service operational, retirees are asked to indicate their e-mail address and telephone number in the attestation of existence in life form to be sent to Citibank na. life through video call, which is added to and does not replace the usual procedures that require the physical presence of the pensioner at a qualified subject so-called. acceptable witness, authorized to endorse the signing of the declaration of existence in life form, can also be used by patronage operators accredited as acceptable witnesses, enabled to the agent portal. It should also be remembered that not only pensioners will have four months to provision to fulfill their obligations, but that there are many qualified persons who, pursuant to local legislation, are authorized to certify the existence of pensioners in life. In cases where the retiree cannot produce the standard certification, Citibank na accepts the certification forms of existence in life issued by local authorities, as acceptable witnesses, whose lists, divided by geographical areas, can be consulted on the Citibank na website. to the dedicated web page. Furthermore, with reference to the consular offices, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, on the proposal of the Institute, has issued a circular in which the consular structures are invited to consider the formalities relating to the assessment of existence in life among the urgent services, which cannot be postponed and guaranteed to pensioners residing abroad, even in the event of closure due to a health emergency.

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