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Confindustria Nautica, in Rome a beacon on supply chain issues, from mobility to sustainability


The economy of the sea in all its forms: dynamics, trends, reforms, governance, mobility and sustainability, nautical tourism, national and European autonomy, development prospects. These are the main themes of the Confindustria event dealt with in Rome on Thursday 12 and Friday 13, which ended with a speech by President Bonomi. During the event, Progetto Mare, the strategic report of the proposals, the analyzes and insights on the theme of the sea economy of the Confindustria system were presented. The leaders of all the representatives of Confindustria’s maritime-port cluster were present at the event: Confitarma, Assonave, Confindustria Nautica, Federpesca, Federtrasporto, Assiterminal, Assomarinas, Unem, Federchimica – Assogasliquidi, Anita, Unione Industriali di Napoli, Assolombarda and Confindustria Lombardia . For Confindustria Nautica, the event was attended by the president Saverio Cecchi, the past president Anton Francesco Albertoni, the vice president Andrea Razeto, Roberto Perocchio president of the nautical tourism sector, ports and dedicated services, the General Manager Marina Stella, the head of the Office Studies Stefano Pagani Isnardi and Roberto Neglia, head of the association’s institutional relations. The topics on the table were discussed and deepened by an authoritative parterre of industry players directly involved in various capacities on the various topics of the conference moderated by the journalist David Parenzo. On stage the Hon. Pina Picierno, Vice President of the European Parliament, Giuseppe Mele, director of the area of ​​territorial cohesion and Infrastructures of Confindustria, Enrico Giovannini Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. During the round table on governance and reforms, infrastructures and intermodality, following the intervention of Minister Giovannini, Mario Mattioli president of Confitarma, Luca Becce president of Assiterminal – Federation of the Sea and Anton Francesco Albertoni past took the floor. president of Confindustria nautica and vice president of the Federation of the Sea. Central in Albertoni’s speech were the hottest issues for the yachting sector, first of all the need for the regulation implementing the Code of pleasure boating and the need for a drastic reduction of the bureaucratic impact on the sector, shipbuilding and private users, the direct cause of the cancellation of 2,000 units per year from our flag register. Albertoni went on to underline the importance of a reform of the state property dedicated to tourist ports and not derived from the Bolkestein Directive which is written for public services and expressly excludes ports. immediate strengthening of the MIMS Maritime Transport Directorate to ensure the timely and necessary industrial policy decisions, underlining that the proposal of the Ministry of the Sea must eventually arise as an initiative that can combine the competences and simplify and not create an additional ministry that fractions and slow down the implementation of regulations. The vice president of Confindustria Nautica Andrea Razeto spoke on the issues of Nautica 4.0 and the strategic positioning of the Genoa Boat Show. “The boat constitutes a set of the many elements of Made in Italy, of beauty and well-made. One of the most important components is that of innovation, through the use of innovative materials linked to sustainability. Today’s customers are much more demanding and asks for boats that are more and more technological. What penalizes our sector is the fact that ours is a small industry, and it is more difficult to invest in these numbers. Consequently, the ecological transition passes from the optimization of what is already we have. So it happens for the engines, which are more ecological: we have the combination of diesel and electric and already 15 years ago one of our shipyards presented a full electric boat “. In this scenario, the Genoa Boat Show is a strategic instrument of industrial policy and of internationalization for our companies and should be valued more and more. It is the most important sector event of the Mediteranno, with the largest exhibition spaces in the water. Furthermore, a transformation of the exhibition area is underway, thanks also to public-private investments, as part of Renzo Piano’s project for the Genoese Waterfront. In 2023 we will have a completely renovated salon. The contributions received, although small, risk being pulverized; the international name of the Boat Show should be supported in an even more important way, optimizing the available resources without pulverizing them for local events. In 2007/2008 we had 50% of the absolute export value. “Now exports have grown and is equal to 76%. On these numbers, the Boat Show has played an important role. There is a lack – concluded Razeto – of policies that encourage Italians to buy boats. We are at the center. of the Mediterranean, we can be even more attractive to foreign customers “. Roberto Perocchio, president of Assosmarinas and of the nautical tourism, ports and services sector of Confindustria Nautica, photographed the state of a sector that has suffered for a long time and not only due to of the pandemic: “The tourism port business sector has experienced 10 years of perfect storm, which began in 2008 with the global and financial crisis, followed by the dispute over state property fees; the Imu on marinas, the Monti tax that destroyed an already weakened market, a decline of the middle class that was what filled the marinas. The long-term mooring contract, which had become no longer viable, was necessary for the marina to finance itself. The consequence has been a flurry of failures, a catastrophe from which we come out in part thanks to the Sea Project to encourage the redevelopment of existing marinas.Assomarinas, as an Association, helps colleagues in difficulty and who have had moments of relief only in these the last two years of Covid, which has encouraged people to get closer to boating. It is a sector that can still express something, in relation to the existing economic and social conditions. At the end of the proceedings, the greeting of the President of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi who, during his speech, underlined: “As Confindustria we bring home the great value of the collaboration of all those who have contributed to the ‘Sea Project’ and today we do not have docked but set sail in the direction of the sea. As we have asked politics for coordination, we must be the first to implement it, I think that Confindustria will have to equip itself with a Sea Directorate “.


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