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Construction, bonuses at the center of the conference organized by Taxkredit in Padua


Building bonuses represent a strategic lever for the economic system of Veneto and, for months, have been at the center of the debate at local and national level. It is necessary to exploit the potential of these incentives which can contribute to the development of the territory and of businesses. Recent regulatory changes have created new opportunities which, however, contain some critical issues that today’s meeting has faced by providing solutions. Representatives of national and local institutions, banks, BNL BNP Paribas and the business world spoke about it with the testimonies of Assindustria Veneto Centro, Ance Padova and Infocamere. The goal was to respond to a market need that will be increasingly growing in the future because today we are witnessing a situation of imbalance and blockage in the tax credit market, which now needs growing attention also from industrial companies. , commercial and services, in the role of assignee of the aforementioned tax credits. The representative of TaxKredit, Andrea Cortellazzo, intervened as follows: “The credit institutions on the issue of credit transfer are also doing their job with an assumption of responsibility. Let’s not forget that they are financial intermediaries and must therefore exercise the controls necessary because we are talking about sales sometimes of millions if not billions of euros. It is true that this mechanism has created a bottleneck because the requests are numerous and the complexity of the controls has increased. To get out of this situation it is necessary to build a circuit of trust able to counteract the circuit of mistrust caused by the discovery of frauds. According to the latest regulatory measures, banks that have purchased tax credits with multiple annuities of use can resell the individual annuities. This opens up a new market because it allows individuals interested in buying tax discounts while saving on taxes rtante, but it contains a problem. The banks have made checks at the time of purchase, but who exercises the next “. Cortellazzo explained, the innovative solution developed in recent months by the TaxKredit network of professionals:” is the traceability of credits with blockchain technology. This means that those who buy the annuities of the credits in the next few years will have associated with them a certificate, even digital, which unequivocally collects all the information on the purchased credit: history, documents, feasibility, tax data of the engineers who provided the certifications. , insurance policies and above all it clarifies whether or not there are risks. This is a fundamental step that can really be a guarantee and protect the operators involved. “The discussion of an articulated Technical Table in the afternoon was concentrated on this theme, coordinated by the TaxKredit Accountant Andrea Cortellazzo, and focused on the” Secondary Market “of the assignment of tax credits as an operating model of” Sustainability between Companies “, starting from the Role and the Assumption of Responsibility of the Technical and Tax Professionals, with various professionals involved among the speakers, in a multidisciplinary team capable of guaranteeing Reliability and Certainty of Tax Credits from Building Bonuses. Ample space was also given to BlockChain Technology capable of managing the necessary “traceability of controls”, of which the Honorable Davide Zanichelli, member of the Finance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, is an expert. speakers, together with the specific contributions brought by Wintech with its President Mas simo Gallotta and Infocamere with its Si Bonus Marketplace, the latter ideal for combining Supply and Demand for the Monetization of Tax Credits.


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