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Tax and assessments, that’s who it’s up to


Fisco, almost 100,000 investigations are on the way to combat tax evasion and try to recover 14 billion euros hidden in 2021. But who is it this time? This is explained by, a site for information and legal advice. In the ‘crosshairs’ of the taxman, we read, professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises: “All, however, with the utmost caution. The indications given to the inspectors are to look for that money everywhere but without raging too much. The economic context that SMEs and professionals are living it is known: the restrictions and closures due to the pandemic have left their mark. So, full speed ahead but with the velvet glove, not with the baseball bat “. targeted selection of its objectives, pointing to sectors or situations in which there is an easier tendency to evasion. It means that before taking out the magnifying glass with which to sift through accounts and documents, an analysis of risk to identify who to check more or less without fail. A job of great patience that will consist in sifting through the 161 databases to which the Revenue Agency has access and getting help from algorithms, which have now become an indispensable tool “. Just to give some examples, continues the legal information site,” the Agency will set its eyes with particular attention on the aid provided during the Covid emergency, especially on meeting the requirements to obtain those granted non-repayable. From October 2021, then, the Inland Revenue will send communications to the taxpayers of the de minimis regime so that they can verify the correctness of the data declared in the Income model regarding state aid, in the event that the Inland Revenue had warned some anomaly with respect to what results from the National register in the hands of the Ministry of Economic Development “. The Tax Authority, therefore,” will not give up the strategy of compliance letters. In practice, the Agency sends to some taxpayers communications that contain anomalies found in their tax returns, regarding omissions or infidelities that have emerged in comparing the data declared with those that the Agency has available within its own databases. In this way, before the tax administration notifies an assessment notice, the taxpayer will be able to regularize the error or omission through active repentance. On the contrary, if the recipient of the letter considers the data indicated in his declaration to be correct, it will be enough to communicate it to the Agency, sending any elements and documents of which the Revenue were not aware “, he explains. In 2020, when the virus had paralyzed the notifications of assessment, over 950 thousand compliance letters had been sent. By the end of this year, communications should reach 650 thousand., continues the law for all, adding: “As regards individuals and self-employed persons, the Agency anticipates to want to concentrate on the movement of money to and from other countries, to understand the extent of the capital that is kept deposited across borders, in some place where the gaze of the tax authorities has not yet rested. On this front, the inspectors can count on the ever more concrete and extended collaboration of the foreign financial authorities “.



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