Gordini (Mww Group): ‘With Adnkronos to better communicate to operators and consumers’

“It is important to talk about wine in a different way. Previous generations talked about the food function but wine has changed its function, it has become a different good, there has been an enhancement in which Italy has played a very important role in the last twenty years, an elevation of our presence on international markets and there is a very large production, so we must think about how to better communicate this extraordinary legacy and great heritage that our country has “. This is what Federico Gordini, president of Mww Group, said at the launch event of Adnkronos Wine, the new journalistic information channel on the Adnkronos.com portal, the result of the collaboration between the Agency and Vendemmie.com, the online magazine launched by Mww Media, the publishing company of the Mww Group. “Our group was born with a great event that is the Milan Wine Week, which this year reaches its fourth edition and, has brought a message both to the world of operators and to that of the consumer public, different and discontinuous. So we have decided to build this project because we have found in Adnkronos a partner with whom we can immediately reach a very important audience “. Adnkronos in fact has” a portal that records over 13 million unique visitors per month, where there are over 41 millions of pages visited monthly and this will give us the enormous opportunity to build a vertical media for the first time that is aimed at such a large target of people “concluded Gordini.