Innovation, Caridi (INPS): “Results achieved as a result of human commitment”

“Today we want to take stock of the situation of what has been done by INPS. The results achieved are the fruit of human commitment that go beyond the critical issues of the moment”. Vincenzo Caridi, general manager of INPS, said it today on the occasion of the INPS press conference ‘Inclusion and Innovation: digital transformation at the service of people’. “We have – he stressed – a new approach to work; for us it is a path and we are in the phase in which we have to measure ourselves with increasingly personalized services. The Institute wants to digitize its services and do it together with all the partners”. working a lot – he explains – on digital services close to users. The digital service is personalization and proactivity. To make enormous changes, we need to experiment and the path we are taking involves the involvement of stakeholders and citizens. We are recipients of 180 million Pnrr funds and we must reach the targets within two years. We aim to be effectively allies of the citizen and achieve interoperability between the various administrations, starting from the taking charge of the user’s request by the single administration to the care of the person as a whole from part of the Public Administration. We are already working on interoperability and the transition between connected services, also within the competence of other bodies “.