Speed ​​cameras and Highway Code, decree postponed: fines remain

Twelve years is not enough. And the decree to regulate the use of speed cameras on Italian roads is still slipping. It was expected in early 2022, but not even a first draft of the text will come out before June. Since 2010, the government has had to update the rules on how to locate and use speed cameras, but the decree has always been postponed. Again this time. For years, Parliament has been urging the government to intervene against wild speed cameras and implement the measure provided for by the 2010 road code reform. For now, therefore, nothing changes and there remains the possibility for local authorities to collect thanks to the fines imposed through the wild speed cameras. The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Alessandro Morelli, had assured that the decree would arrive at the beginning of 2022. Urged again by Simone Baldelli, chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on Consumer Protection, however, he had to admit that it will not be discussed sooner The activity of preparing the decree is in progress, Morelli said. But times still seem to be long. By June, the text should pass to the examination of the State-City and Local Authorities Conference and only at a later time, not excluding further changes, should the new rules on speed cameras come into force.