Citizenship Income, Countdown to 1900 Navigator: Unions from Orlando

Countdown for the almost 1900 Navigators who will expire on April 30 the employment contract born together with the Citizenship Income and won in July 2019 at the end of a tortuous public selection. Two extensions were not enough, in fact, the last one expiring in 10 days, to focus on a definitive solution for these precarious workers, initially an army of 2,997 workers then reduced by hand to exactly 1,886, who worked in the Centers for Employment with collaboration contracts for Anpal services; despite the pressing union requests, the table convened by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando will try for the first time tomorrow. But Nidil, Felsa Cisl and Uiltemp, for now are not unbalanced in forecasts; they cross their fingers and rather hope in the political will of the government to unravel the problem. “We will go to hear what Orlando has to say but also to claim solutions”, explains the CGIL confederal secretary, Tania Scacchetti, in a conversation with Adnkronos, who lined up the requests of the unions including those reserve shares in public competitions with which to give continuity, perspective and stabilization at the work of these Navigators. All this, however, starting from a new extension of the contracts that the unions will inevitably put on the table. “The extension is an indispensable element and becomes the priority at this time since 10 days from the deadline even valid alternatives were identified, there would be no technical time for the development of stabilization paths”, adds Silvia Simoncini, general secretary Nidil CGIL who trusts in the “political will” of the government, the only one capable of identifying “a technical solution”. The first thing to be conquered, therefore, he summarizes, “is the political will to find a solution: begin with that recognition of the ‘reserve’, inaugurated by the former minister Madia, for the historical precarious workers of the PA “, he adds. However, the game is not easy: tomorrow is the first meeting between the government and the unions on the issue and the situation is also complicated by the fact that the Regions are also at stake: many of them are active but others are very late especially in the south. calls for tenders for PPCs.