Energy, Gattoni (Cib): “+ 600 mlm cubic meters of electricity from biogas, do it soon”

The production of electricity from biogas could immediately increase by 600 million cubic meters, 20% more than the current renewable production of 2.5 billion cubic meters a year, however there are bureaucratic constraints that force companies to a production lower than the mechanical power of the motors “. The situation is illustrated by the president of the Italian Biogas Consortium Piero Gattoni, interviewed by Adnkronos on the unexpressed potential of the development of biogas and agricultural biomethane to counter the ongoing energy crisis, aggravated by the conflict in Ukraine, in finding alternatives to Russian gas . “It is a measure that as a Consortium – explains Gattoni – we have highlighted to the various parliamentary groups so that we can intervene on urgent measures in anticipation of the autumn, when we will have to find alternative sources and this unexpressed potential will be able to guarantee renewable production from existing infrastructures at cost of market, therefore in the absence of incentives “. In particular, some amendments were presented in the price cut dl, under discussion in the Senate. Italy is one of the main producers of biogas in agriculture, fourth in the world after Germany, China and the United States. And severe delays and concern also signals the president for the implementation of measures for the production of biomethane. The trajectory of reaching the production of 4 billion cubic meters of biomethane in 2026 is “a goal conceived before the crisis in Ukraine by the government in the PNRR, but the emergency situation of the war has highlighted even more the importance of having anticipated this proposal. in Recovery “. Gattoni explains that this target corresponds to 30% of the Government’s objective of replacing supplies of natural gas imported from Russia. Important resources have been allocated in the Recovery Plan, 1 billion and 900 million euros of investments, in order to to convert existing infrastructures from biogas to biomethane and for new infrastructures, together with measures to stimulate the agroecological transition and for the efficient management of digestate as fertilizer. they are accumulating on the definition of the implementing measures “. “The implementing decree of the PNRR that we were awaiting at the beginning of the year is still the subject of discussions between the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the European Commission. Our government notified a standard text in November that has not yet been approved today. of the DG Competition in order to proceed with the publication of the text “.