Caltagirone Editore, from shareholders’ meeting ok to balance sheet and dividend

The shareholders’ meeting of Caltagirone Editore unanimously approved the financial statements closed on December 31, 2021. Go ahead also for the distribution of a dividend of 3 euro cents per share. The meeting, chaired by Azzurra Caltagirone, also voted in favor of the second item on the agenda, the report on the remuneration policy. The 2021 financial year closed with a net profit of € 28.73 million, a sharp increase compared to the negative result of € 44.3 million in 2020 which, however, was affected by the writedown of intangible assets with an indefinite life for € 57.4 million. The 2021 accounts also recorded operating revenues of 122.7 million, up by 2.3%.