Petrol and diesel, new price increases today

New increases today on the part of the companies on the price of petrol and diesel, but pending the implementation of these last movements, the picture of prices at the pump is little changed (signs of increases in self-service diesel and drops in petrol served). In particular, at the weekend, IP, Q8 and Tamoil intervened with increases of 2 cents on the two fuels. As for the prices of products in the Mediterranean, nothing to report because the markets were closed for the Easter holidays. From the monitoring on the national network, based on the processing of Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the operators to the Mise Price Observatory updated at 8 am yesterday 18 April, it emerges that the national average price of petrol in self mode goes to 1,766 euros / liter (1,767 the previous value), with the different brands between 1,752 and 1,789 euros / liter (no logo 1,756). The average price charged for diesel self goes to 1,763 euros / liter (against 1,759), with companies between 1,752 and 1,774 euros / liter (no logo 1,757). liter (1,911 the previous value), with colored plants showing average prices between 1,837 and 1,994 euros / liter (no logo 1,811). The average of the diesel served goes to 1.903 euros / liter (against 1.904), with the sales points of the companies with average prices between 1.857 and 1.979 euros / liter (no logo 1.810). The prices charged for LPG range from 0.847 to 0.870 euros / liter (no logo 0.854). Finally, the average price of natural gas for cars is rising overall and is positioned between 2.126 and 2.347 (no logo 2.096).