• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Books: “Tornare Potenza”, a sovereign economy to overcome the crisis in the essay by Burla


May 13, 2021

“Sovereignty” is a word that has now become part of the common language, especially the political and economic one. Filippo Burla, in the essay “Tornare Potenza” (Altaforte Edizioni) speaks precisely of Sovereignty, analyzing the history that has led Italy from being the “fourth power” to the rear of Europe. An unexpected analysis of causes, mechanisms and consequences that examines what he defines as “the bankruptcy project of the euro”. But beware: as the author specifies, abandoning it, although a necessary condition, is not enough. We need more, a shot that involves all sectors, from industry to state intervention, from the country’s economic architecture to reflection on public debt. “Globalization has also been responded to here with an ever greater dose of liberalism, entering a real vicious circle – writes the general secretary of the UGL Francesco Paolo Capone in the preface to the essay by Burla – only by framing sovereignty in this context, as a response to the distortions of ultraliberal globalization, as an attempt to reassert rights above the global market, defended only at the national level, its meaning can be understood. Going back to basics, rebuilding the walls to defend a city under siege. context, looking at Europe, the European Union should have and could have constituted a barrier to savage globalism in defense of the European social model, so painstakingly conquered. So, instead, at least so far it has not been. On the contrary, the European institutions have embraced the liberal dogmas in economic and social policies and with, moreover, a single currency that is too strong, calibrated on the German mark, counterproductive in order to impose European production and therefore European work in the world, but useful for an unscrupulous economic competition entirely within Europe between the Member States themselves. And so, once again as a reaction, ‘sovereignism’ has become anti-European. “” Is it really impossible to imagine a radical change of paradigm? Is the way to an orderly exit from the eurozone really closed, returning to being the masters of our currency, with all the consequences that would ensue in terms of economic, industrial, commercial, fiscal and social policies? “, Asks Capone.” At the time of Italexit one hardly even dares to speak – underlines the Ugl secretary – Filippo Burla speaks about it without fear and with knowledge of the facts, but also proposing another possibility that is politically less unlikely and that is actually becoming more and more concrete: that to imagine a new role for the ECB. Today even more feasible, driven by the economic and social tsunami generated by the Covid19 pandemic. A crisis so profound that it has ripped the Maya veil of neoliberal dogmas clearly showing that, with work in lockdown, with the worsening of social disparities, relying only on the virtual economy of the exchange of products manufactured elsewhere, moreover harnessed in the system of debt in ‘foreign’ currency, the country cannot survive for long. “” Now we are talking about the need for national productions – masks, vaccines – understanding that we do not literally live on the tertiary sector alone. Of public health, subsidies to those in difficulty, which are called refreshments or mass CIGD, of how to make the school work, despite everything. In a word of welfare state. Perhaps this crisis could be the occasion for a significant change of course. Perhaps the return to an at least partially sovereign economy will not only be desirable, but will inevitably become necessary “, concludes Capone.