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In times of Covid-19, the taxman comes to meet health workers. From aggregation bonuses to instrumental investment bonuses up to the latest news on R&D tax credit. The experts of Consulcesi & Partners, in collaboration with Sercam Advisory Srl, shed some light on the webinar entitled “Finance and Facilitated Taxation for the healthcare professions in the Covid era”. In the latest Budget Law, experts report, a tax incentive was introduced on the carrying out of business combinations carried out through mergers, demergers and company transfers which are approved in 2021. “Our national health service and regional systems, with the their specificity, they must be able to capture the numerous opportunities that come from Europe as in the cases in question that the experts developed during the webinar, – said Simona Gori, Global General Manager Consulcesi – and be able to raise funding to support the huge spent that the emergency has only exacerbated. This is the time to enhance the numerous best practices that our doctors and health professionals have put in place in everyday practice, as demonstrated during the pandemic “, concludes Gori. business combinations allow access to the tax credit for specific activities and in certain situations . Furthermore, the 2021 Budget Law renewed the tax credit also in new capital goods, from software to workplace safety devices, while an increase in incentives related to the tax credit for R&D, innovation was envisaged. technology, design and aesthetic ideation. “The medical profession is the real protagonist of these times – said Marco Ginanneschi Ceo Sercam Advisory – not only for the Covid emergency, but above all for the unprecedented economic moment, in which, based on European regulations, there is a perfect equation between business and profession. Even in the medical sector, it is necessary to combine finance and profession, resources and skills. In the Pnrr program – concluded Ginanneschi – there are over 100 billion euros for healthcare that will be essential for investing in the innovation of the entire sector. “There are many innovations and to help healthcare professionals to orient themselves and take advantage of all the opportunities. Consulcesi & Partners, together with Sercam Advisory Srl, offers consulting and assistance services, also for the presentation of funding applications in relation to the measures taken by the State to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. For information and updates on subsidized finance in the health professions you can consult the website



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