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Zuckerberg’s goats and doubts about Diem, Facebook’s next cryptocurrency


My goats, Max and Bitcoin. After the publication on his Facebook page of this photo by Mark Zuckerberg, some rumors began to circulate around a possible disengagement of the Mountain View company from the creation of Diem, the cryptocurrency around which it has been working for years. In 2019 Facebook tried it with Libra. A cryptocurrency that, with the support of Visa and Mastercard, however, has not managed to pass the scrutiny of the regulatory authorities, mainly due to fears related to the financial system that could have been destabilized by the catchment area of ​​over 3 billion users worldwide of Facebook, in addition to the usual doubts that cryptocurrencies bring with them about money laundering and privacy protection.The next and less disruptive step, without prejudice to the desire to develop its own cryptocurrency by FB, was to focus on a stablecoin, or on a digital currency but linked to an official one, in this case, of course, the US dollar. The new stable version is called Diem and its pilot project is expected to be launched by the end of this year by the Diem Association. It is a non-profit company based in Switzerland which governs all the technological and functional development of the Diem Dollar from afar and which has its own FB as a key member. The peculiarity of this crypto seems to be that of reserving its transactions mainly for commercial exchanges between consumer and consumer, allowing the possibility of paying for the purchase of goods and products only to some of them.The message of the photo with the two goats is been interpreted on the net in many ways. There are those who see in the English word for goat, “GOAT” an acronym to indicate bitcoin fans as Greatest Of All Time, or the best ever. And there are those who see an upcoming disengagement by Zuckerberg from Diem in favor of a massive investment in bitcoin. And there are those who remember a 2019 interview by Rolling Stone and Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter. In the interview Dorsey recalls a dinner at Zuckerberg’s house in which the Facebook founder himself served one of his goats killed by his hand. One of the most popular interpretations? Zuckerberg will kill Bitcoin and serve it for dinner. Perhaps with a side dish by Diem.

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