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Curfew Italy, restaurateurs pressing


Pressing of catering companies to postpone the curfew by a couple of hours, from 10pm to midnight or to eliminate it entirely The game at stake is important, almost vital, to give breath to public establishments, especially restaurants, which could collect up to 2-3 billion more per month. The estimates speak for themselves even if the representatives of the category go each for themselves. Two hours of evening openings are worth, in one month, 2.5 billion euros of recovered consumption according to Confesercenti. While for Coldiretti the overcoming of the curfew and the possibility of opening inside the premises for table service and at the counter of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and farmhouses throughout Italy, is worth, in terms of turnover, at least 3.5 billion euros. euro per month. More cautious is Fipe, Confcommercio’s Federation of public businesses, which estimates about 10 million more per day, therefore on the additional 300 million euros per month. bring foreigners back to Italy and beyond. “An extra hour of curfew makes the difference in a system based on competitiveness with other countries” underlines Giuseppe Roscioli, deputy vice president of Federalberghi who lashes out against the advertisements: “In the world of tourism, the greatest damage is done with advertisements, a wrong or reckless announcement is enough to curb hundreds of thousands of people and convince them to choose one place instead of another “and the reference is to the announcement of the curfew until July 31. In recent days, Fiavet also, through the mouth of its president, was expressed strongly against this measure “it is hateful, it must be removed as soon as possible, citizens do not understand, let alone in a tourism sector”. And for the revision of the curfew it is also the president of Assoturismo-Confesercenti, Vittorio Messina. “Courage and clarity are needed, we must immediately review the curfew – said Messina – the activities need a certain time schedule, to know immediately how to restart tourism in the coming months, otherwise it will not be possible to plan the restart of the activities”. curfew issue, and any new reopening, could be discussed in a control room requested by Fi, Lega, Iv and the M5S for next Friday. In fact, the pressing of the political forces of the majority and opposition continues with motions to postpone or abolish the curfew.The tip of the iceberg to restart the tourism and catering sector but which for the categories of commerce must be accompanied by the possibility of consuming meals and aperitifs inside the premises and at the reopening of shopping centers on holidays and the day before, which today manifested with a symbolic lockout of shops, otherwise even the restaurants in the great shopping temples risk remaining cathedrals in the desert.

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