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In 1971 Nesquik entered the homes of Italians, 50 years of success


2021 is a special year for Nesquik, illuminated by fifty colorful birthday candles that frame an important milestone: 50 years of success in Italy! Half a century has already passed since that distant 1971, the year in which Nesquik entered Italian homes for the first time, accompanying entire generations with its unmistakable taste: children who drank milk and Nesquik long ago, are the parents of today who they continue to consider it the best ally for a good breakfast and to buy it for their children, thus keeping the memory of their childhood alive. In fact, for 50 years Nesquik has been performing a magic that, every morning, fascinates children and adults: it transforms milk into a tasty chocolate-flavored breakfast. Waking up with a smile thus becomes a daily habit that is always different and fun. “Growing up is fun!”: This is precisely the philosophy of Nesquik which, with joy and happiness, accompanies the little ones during all phases of the day, from breakfast to moments of fun outside the home, combining its unique flavor with the properties of the vitamin. D, essential for the growth of children. With Nesquik, in fact, overcoming the obstacles of everyday life is really child’s play! To celebrate this important anniversary in the best possible way, Nesquik has chosen an ambassador who has always preferred the Brand for his breakfast and continues to do so even now that he is a father, for his children: Francesco Facchinetti. And, since it is not a real party without the right soundtrack and a dance that involves the guests, here is the summer hit “August 10”, the result of the collaboration between Nesquik and the artist. The song was born on an ordinary morning when, during breakfast with his family, Francesco takes a spoon full of Nesquik and pours it into one of the cups on the table and, while the milk is magically transformed, the teaspoon rattles on the edges of the cup becomes an unstoppable inspiration for him. On these “crystalline notes” the boys “wake up” and accompany Francesco improvising instruments with what is present on the table. Thus the cereals, shaken inside the box, are transformed into maracas; the wooden spoon beaten on the Nesquik box becomes a drum: everything seems to come alive! From this family game “August 10” comes to life, because music and fun in the Facchinetti house are never lacking, as well as dancing! And the easy choreography, designed to accompany the song, will be able to entertain families from all over Italy and make them protagonists of the #Nesquikchallenge: a few simple steps to give a moment of joy to everyone, even to the child in each of us! On the beach, in the pool or in the city, every place can be the scene of the #Nesquikchallenge that will color Nesquik’s birthday with smiles and joy! Challenging your friends has never been so fun and participating is really child’s play: just learn the moves of Francesco Facchinetti’s ballet on the notes of ’10 August ‘, record your performance and publish it on social networks with the # Nesquikchallenge. With friends or family, ’10 August ‘will make everyone dance! The most creative and imaginative performances will also become the protagonists of a celebratory video clip of the Brand and the ambassador that will crown the end of the celebrations. “Nesquik has always been there in my most carefree moments, since I was a child and all that I had to do was have fun. I am therefore happy and honored of this collaboration with a Brand that has always been in my life and that has also been a source of inspiration for the creation of my new song, ‘August 10’. 50 years is an important milestone , nice to be there to celebrate it together! “, says Francesco Facchinetti. “We are very happy with the collaboration with Francesco who has chosen Nesquik to return to the stage as a singer, after several years. Nesquik is a brand capable of bringing joy and fun, which is why it is naturally linked to music, dance and movement. We are convinced that the song “August 10” fully marries the personality of the Brand and can involve both adults and children with its rhythm and simplicity. We can only be proud of the successes we will achieve together! “, He comments. Simona Sartirana, Marketing Manager Dairy Nestlé Italy.



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