From communities to the environment, the commitment of Igt Lottery

Igt Lottery publishes the 2020 Sustainability Report. The Report, which outlines the company’s best environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in recent years, tells of its commitment to creating value in the territories that host its business and the realization of its Sustainability Policy. Igt Lottery manages the concessions of all Italian lotteries and its Rome office hosts the governance of all the activities of the global lottery market for the Igt Group. “In the last year we have all had to face personal and professional challenges that we never imagined. Yet, as we might have expected, hard work and dedication have helped us to overcome adversity – said Fabio Cairoli, CEO of Igt. Lottery – Despite the enormous challenges posed by the pandemic, we have never stopped honoring our commitment to sustainable growth. Igt Lottery has maintained its commitment to pursue the 11 Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, our Sustainability Committee , established in 2019, has worked to define a policy capable of contributing to the pursuit of these objectives “. There are four pillars on which Igt Lottery’s commitment is based: the enhancement and protection of people, the promotion of responsibility, community support and sustainability along the value chain. The enhancement and protection of people – Igt Lottery is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment in which all employees feel valued, respected and authorized to contribute to the company business. The Diversity & Inclusion Groups (Dig) initiatives envisaged activities carried out in digital mode to support the inclusion of women in the organization and the dissemination of issues related to disability. Promotion of responsibility – The Responsible Gaming program of Igt Lottery continues to have a leading role in the company’s sustainability policy, also confirmed by the alignment with the Responsible Gaming Standard of European Lotteries, the European association of operators of legal gambling. In the near future, new research will allow us to investigate the characteristics of players who demonstrate a positive and responsible attitude, with the aim of finding the most suitable tools to transmit this modality and consequently prevent problematic behaviors. Community support – Igt Lottery supports the communities in which it operates through corporate programs that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sdg). The company has started a process of evaluating the impact generated by some of its most important projects, including ‘High Tech High School (Hths)’ and ‘Follow the Comet’, with the aim of quantifying and social impact generated, with a view to the future development of projects of high value for the community. Sustainability along the value chain – Igt Lottery guarantees that its suppliers meet high economic, ethical and environmental standards as indicated in the Igt Supplier Code of Conduct. Furthermore, it is committed to continuously improving environmental management systems and processes to reduce its environmental impact. Finally, thanks to a mapping project of all the consumption of materials in business processes, Igt Lottery has identified the areas in which there is a greater possibility of intervention to promote a more efficient and conscious use of natural resources, constantly increasing the share. of sustainable materials.

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