Online resignations: when it is possible to revoke them

The online resignation of the worker or employee of the private sector – also sent through the “Cliclavoro” portal with Spid or electronic identity card – can be revoked. It is possible to revoke the resignation online when no more than 7 days have elapsed from the electronic transmission of the relative form to the employer and to the Territorial Labor Department. Resignation consists of a unilateral act by which the worker communicates to the company his decision to terminate the employment relationship before the natural expiration of the fixed-term or permanent contract. in the online procedure. Resignation for just cause gives the right to Naspi, i.e. unemployment benefit. Voluntary resignations, even for just cause or consensual termination, can be submitted exclusively online starting from 12 March 2016 thanks to the Jobs Act, even if the paper remains for some workers such as domestic ones, therefore babysitters, domestic helpers and carers. Online resignations must be sent electronically through the portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies “Cliclavoro” which can be accessed through the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) or with the Electronic Identity Card (CIE). The same portal and the same access credentials must be used in the event that the worker decides to proceed with the revocation of the resignation online. Once the online resignation form has been sent, it cannot be changed, but it is nevertheless possible to proceed with the revocation as long as it occurs within 7 days. In this case, the worker needs the identification code and the transmission date issued by the electronic system at the time of saving the resignation form. The revocation is thus transmitted to the employer and also to the Territorial Labor Directorate. After the 7 days useful for the revocation, the worker can still send new resignations online for the same employment relationship but which will no longer be revocable.

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