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2021-22 tv bonus: requirements, how it works and how to request it


2021 tv bonus, the contribution up to 100 euros arrives. How to request it? What are the requirements? How does the contribution work to allow Italians to purchase equipment compatible with the new technological standards for digital terrestrial transmission Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main 10? The benefit, which provides a discount on the purchase price to replace old TVs that are no longer suitable, is aimed at all citizens, without any income limit, remembers the 2021-2022 TV scrapping bonus is operational. From reading the text it is possible to understand how the new incentive works. It is necessary to make the televisions compatible with the DVBT-2 / Hevc Main 10 digital terrestrial broadcasting standards. The new technology will improve signal quality and make room for high definition broadcasts. Is it mandatory to buy a new TV? No, it is still optional. However, those who want to continue watching TV channels and will not have a compatible TV will have to purchase at least a decoder.What does the 2021-2022 TV scrapping bonus consist of? The benefit consists of a 20% discount on the purchase price, up to Who can get the 2021-2022 television scrapping bonus? Anyone who has a television purchased before 22 December 2018 at home and intends to scrap it, replacing it with one equipped with the new standard, can get the new TV bonus. The TV scrapping bonus aims to encourage the replacement of television sets that will no longer be suitable for the new technological standards, in order to guarantee environmental protection and the promotion of the circular economy through their correct disposal. Furthermore, unlike the previous incentive, which still remains in force and is therefore cumulative for those who meet all the requirements, the TV scrapping bonus is aimed at all citizens, without income or Isee limits. The only three requirements necessary to benefit from the incentive are: residence in Italy, scrapping of a television purchased before 22.12.2018; payment of the Rai license fee. Citizens aged seventy-five or older, who are legally exempted from paying the Rai fee, will also be able to access the facility. How many televisions can you buy with the 2021-2022 tv bonus? Is it possible to get the bonus for the purchase of only one television for each household.When does the 2021-2022 tv bonus expire? The bonus is valid for all televisions purchased up to 31 December 2022. The resources allocated to the measure are a total of 250 million euros.



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