NewsEconomicsWelfare, Roseto (Ital Uil): "Renewing the Inail-patronage protocol"

Welfare, Roseto (Ital Uil): “Renewing the Inail-patronage protocol”


“The patronage institutes have had a great collaboration relationship with Inail and this has led to the drafting of a document, a work that has helped to highlight the critical issues of relations with the territories. We would like to vigorously resume this type of report to overcome critical issues related to occupational diseases and we need to renew the ‘patronati-Inail’ protocol which dates back to July 2012. We have sent our proposal without ever receiving a reply or changes to what we have written “. This was said by Silvana Roseto, president of Ital Uil, speaking at the conference ‘The patronage of the future’, underway in Rome. “Today – he underlines – in 2022 it is not possible to accept that they go to work and find accidents, sometimes even fatal. And it is up to us to protect the workers as well. The patronage body provides concrete assistance to the worker who faces a moment of serious fragility and this requires a great synergy between the medical components with the administrative ones “.” We would like – he continues – that the activities carried out by our medical components relate to the activities of Inail. We are afraid that in order to recognize the biological damage the Institute could use a type of recognition that would not be in accordance with the legislation and therefore there would be an underestimation of the damage itself and also on this we ask for a comparison “. In relation to the reintegration into work, Silvana Roseto reminds us that “we could have the opportunity that we could be of support and help to make known the initiatives carried out by Inail”.


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