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MyPOS arrives with a new showroom in Rome and travels by taxi with the 3570


A dynamic 2022 for myPOS, which opens the second Italian experience store in Rome and consolidates the partnership with the Roman taxi cooperative 3570. Even the taxi driver Duca 40, with his well-known singing performances, will offer customers the myPOS service. The appointment is also an opportunity to present myPOS Glass, the most innovative smart solution that transforms the mobile phone into a payment terminal and makes the transition to digital payments even easier and more advantageous for small entrepreneurs and traders, professionals, VAT numbers, seasonal activities. (Video) The first quarter of 2022 marks the beginning of a very exciting year for myPOS, one of the largest players in the digital payments industry. On 8 April myPOS inaugurated the new experience store in Rome, the second in Italy after Milan, confirms myPOS’s desire to provide a physical meeting point where its staff can be made available to interested parties to provide all the information on its offer and guide them to identify the one that best suits their needs. “I am very proud of this further step forward. – said Massimo Terreni, country manager and CEO of myPOS Italy – With the opening of the new showroom here in Rome we are expanding our presence on the Italian market and confirming how important it is for us to put ourselves face it and offer customers the certainty that we are there, we can meet them and respond to their needs by inviting them to our locations. We believe that offering the possibility of a live meeting can strengthen trust and reassure interested parties of the concreteness of myPOS. customers an assistance and multichannel contact service to meet the most diverse needs. “The inauguration was also an opportunity to consolidate a partnership that has been running since 2017, the one with the Roman taxi cooperative 3570. myPOS will communicate its arrival in Rome also through the livery of 150 taxis of 3570 with which a collaboration is active to offer the digital payment service on tut you the cars of the Roman fleet. The inauguration certainly could not miss the Duke 40, the taxi driver known for singing performances to which he invites passengers who during the taxi ride would like to join him to sing the most popular musical pieces. conveying communication myPOS in the city has the precise objective of offering a real practical demonstration of the myPOS digital payment solution that customers can use on board taxis. The terminal most chosen by taxi drivers is that of the smart type based on Android, this device has a touch screen that turns on every time you want to enter the amount for the payment. Practical and easy to use myPOS smart allows the issuance of digital or paper receipts like traditional Pos devices. These terminals have the advantage of being able to receive contactless payments, with magnetic stripe and even Chip & Pin payments. “The great attention to technological innovation that distinguishes us was the prerequisite for an immediate agreement with myPOS. – said Loreno Bittarelli, president of Cooperativa Radiotaxi 3570 and Uri – We both believe in the advantages of digital payments and the ease of use of myPOS solutions has found unanimity in the reception by the 3570. This partnership fits perfectly into our idea of ​​service to the customer. Customers find the myPOS smart system available on each of our 3,900 cars operating in the Rome area. With myPOS we have created the conditions for a long journey together. “Since its debut on the market, myPOS has set itself the goal of facilitating the adoption of digital tools such as e-commerce and electronic payments at advantageous conditions so that they can also access them small businesses, professionals, VAT numbers and seasonal activities. The myPOS offer offers All in One solutions that can meet multiple needs with terminals that support the various functions useful for different types of activities. From the traditional small and light POS myPOS GO, myPOS Combo and myPOS Mini equipped with a function for issuing digital or paper receipts based on the chosen model, to Android-based solutions, such as myPOS Smart which we talked about for the example of Taxi. Smart devices come with a variety of apps that allow merchants to manage stock and inventory, sales and sales amounts and much more.There are over the counter solutions, which fall into the ePos type, these are much larger devices and have additional advantages related to the applications provided with them. The myPOS kit includes Visa cards that allow merchants to instantly access their funds and enable them to withdraw cash and pay online. Finally, the most innovative solution in the myPOS range, myPOS Glass also known as SoftPOS, a technology that transforms a merchant’s mobile phone into a payment terminal. myPOS Glass was the winner of the prestigious FSTech Award 2022 as “Best use of mobile”. The competitive advantage of myPOS solutions is represented by extremely low costs, no contractual obligations, ease of use, no need for a bank relationship, immediate availability of the sums collected. This makes myPOS particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, taxis, cafes, small shops, seasonal businesses, but also professionals and craftsmen. “Our goal is to provide a package of easy-to-use, fast and versatile payment solutions that can simplify the cash flow of small business owners who until now have not had access to a service like this,” concluded Terreni.


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