Bevilacqua expert: “opportunities for Italian companies in Brazil”

“There are numerous opportunities for Italian companies in Brazil, a country that has never stopped even during the most difficult moments of the pandemic, especially as regards strategic works. they are spaces to be seized for foreign companies and in particular for Italian companies that already have excellent experiences and that could improve the ‘specific weight’ compared to other European competitors “. This was stated by Nunzio Bevilacqua corporate lawyer and expert in international economics after the meeting assisted by Admiral Flavio Rocha, secretary of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, yesterday in Brasilia, with the Minister of Infrastructures of the Federal Republic of Brazil TarcĂ­sio Gomes de Freitas. “We absolutely must seize the moment without waiting any longer, taking advantage of the fact that the anomalous moment can also represent the key to conquering market spaces, both for the creation of new ones and for taking away from other competitors”, Bevilacqua emphasizes. Minister Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, Bevilacqua reports, “stated that he was open to sharing with Italy, with its companies, both private and with its excellent public subsidiaries, projects under construction as well as new paths to be jointly developed . The minister assured that a road show would soon be held where the opportunities that Brazil can offer to foreign investors and in particular to Italian companies will be detailed “.

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