Acer, Maggini president of young building contractors in Rome and the Province

Elisabetta Maggini was elected president of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Ance Roma – Acer for the four-year period 2021-2025. “It is a pride to be the first woman to preside over the Young Building Builders Association of Rome and the Province – declares the new president – especially at a time of great change for the country and for the sector and construction”. For Elisabetta Maggini, “we young people have a responsibility towards the new generations and have the task of creating another future, more sustainable, inclusive and competitive, more innovative and digital. For this, we must be ready and make the most of the new ones. opportunities, in view of the challenges that the capital will have to face. Rome will be the protagonist of the economic recovery and the redevelopment of the territory, dialogue with the institutions and synergies between the social partners will be fundamental for the relaunch of the city. our contribution, from entrepreneurs and citizens convinced that Rome deserves more. ”Elisabetta Maggini, 38 – graduated in law, master’s degree at Luiss in real estate finance – is an expert in institutional relations and corporate communication, manager of public and private companies. in the Board of Directors of Acea very young at the age of 30, then in the Board of the State Mint. He is currently a member of the Boards of Administration of Consap, the Asilo Savoia Personal Services Company and Sorgente Group. Always committed to the city of Rome in issues in favor of youth and social entrepreneurship. The president of Ance Roma – Acer, Nicolò Rebecchini, expressing satisfaction for the important task to which Elisabetta Maggini has been called, wishes her best wishes for a good work on behalf of the whole Association.

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