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Bellantone (Mater Olbia): “In 2021 admissions, services and turnover are growing”


“The data of the Mater Olbia Hospital, relating to the activities and economic results of the structure, are all in sharp growth: in the first 6 months of 2021 there were 2,817 hospitalizations and 127,991 outpatient services, currently 396 employees are among health personnel and administrative (of which 86% is Sardinian), while the forecast turnover at the end of the year should exceed 42 million euros. These results confirm the growth trend that has been constant since the start of the business in 2018 , testifying to the local need to access new, more specific services and more advanced treatments “. Thus Rocco Bellantone, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, director of the complex operating unit of endocrine and metabolic surgery of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome and member of the Board of Directors of the Mater Olbia hospital, during the press conference of presentation of the new solvent department for paid services. An appointment that was also an opportunity to illustrate the various activities planned between 2021 and 2022. Read also The hospital has already presented to the Sardinia Region a project for development in the following areas: Stroke Unit, Cancer Center and Radiology interventional and angiography. The latter, already active in the hospital, has recently performed 3 interventions of undisputed clinical relevance for the territory. A very delicate case of stroke due to acute thrombosis of the carotid artery in a patient hospitalized for Covid was treated for the first time in collaboration with Neurology; a case of aortic aneurysm, which represents the most complex treatment in the field of vascular diseases and finally, for the first time in Sardinia, a resorbable biliary stent was placed thanks to which the patient completely avoids surgery for the correction of the biliary tract. At the same time, the new radiotherapy center was accredited by the Sardinia Region. For the definitive way, some bureaucratic aspects remain to be defined. In the meantime, over 15 patients have already been treated free of charge, a choice due to the urgency and the impossibility for these patients to be treated elsewhere and in the short time. place where you can be treated like other places in Italy and in some cases above “, underlined Franco Meloni, general manager and medical director of the hospital.



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