Summer in smartworking: I work in person, between a swim and a trip and to Graceland

All at a distance, there is the pandemic: “teleworking”, “smartworking”, “virtualizing” and all the other terms we have come to know. Then, as Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an email to employees: “I can’t wait to see your faces again. I know I’m not the only one who lacks the buzz of activities, energy, creativity, the collaboration of our in-person meetings and the sense of community that we have all built together ”. Moral, here is the hybrid work, the new post-pandemic mantra, that is half at home and half remotely. With all the nuances of the case. Starting with the possibility of recovering funds by divesting from physical offices in the city center to allocate them to travel and corporate initiatives. Inc, for example, a company that studies and implements artificial intelligence solutions for business organization, taking advantage of the months of the pandemic, has reduced the offices of the San Francisco headquarters, closed the satellite offices and redesigned the London office to make it entirely remotely. In this way, he was able to use 85% of the 2019 real estate budget reinvesting it in employee benefits, including a trip for all the staff of 200 people, and others organized in a reduced form for individual teams. “Bringing everyone back to work in the office would be a mistake,” explained CEO Oleg Rogynskyy, “it is with rigidity of views that talents are lost.” The startup incubator All Turtles Corp. has also decided to close its offices in Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco to move everything online. In return, his entire staff plus the employees of some of the startups he helped launch were invited to Memphis in October to meet up with barbecues, bourbon, and a trip to Graceland. FINOM, a Dutch fintech startup active in Italy, France and Germany, has instead decided to bring employees and collaborators to the sea for work and some fun. In fact, since June, the B2B financial services platform for professionals and entrepreneurs has activated the “Work & Swim” program, which allows you to spend a month on the island of Cyprus, alternating work in the presence, relaxation by the sea and sports activities. All in compliance with social distancing and anti-covid rules, given that the health emergency is only mitigated for now. The employee or collaborator bears the travel and accommodation costs, while FINOM offers 3 apartments, equipped with all comforts. Up to 10 people can participate each month and in June there was a full house, with staffers coming mainly from Russia and Holland. Obviously, those with families are not only invited to bring them with them, but families have priority for reservations.

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