Gué Pequeno among the 100 NFT Creators with the Hard2Kil project

Nft. Acronym for Non Fungible Tokens. It indicates all those digital works reproducible only by the legitimate owner. Gué was in fact chosen, and is the first Italian rapper, to be part of the 100 Creators program, launched by the cryptocurrency giant Binance, recently reported to the news also for strict limitations, against exchanges in general and Binance in particular, by several countries and organizations. The program, inaugurated on 24 June last, will host the works of one hundred carefully selected artists from all corners of the world in a marketplace dedicated to NFT and digital collectibles. Hard2Kil is the artist’s project inspired by the 8bit videogames of the 80s, with references to the aesthetics and imagination of the Milanese artist. Gué Pequeno says: “The style is that of retro-inspired arcade games where we mixed martial arts, ninja, in urban scenarios. The first drop consisting of 4 unique and exclusive NFTs of the video game poster is available for a week, while from here shortly a series of releases will culminate with the video game enriched by a themed soundtrack created by the artist. 100 Creators was designed to launch the Binance Ntf Marketplace on a large scale. Blockchain technology constitutes a new paradigm capable of transversally revolutionizing any sector, just as it was for the Internet 30 years ago. Linkedin defines the skills in the blockchain field as the most complex to develop and to find, but certainly those that offer the highest potential. The Time for Trust analysis conducted in 2020 by PWC calculates that between now and 2030 there will be 41,000,000 new jobs created by this technology, 233,000 in Italy alone. A master in blockchain is essential today because this technology, a strategic weapon to be used in a conscious and adequate way, needs to be thoroughly understood in order to be applied and used correctly. MasterZ is the master of the future for generation Z, free and online from September 2021, it is promoted by Aio blockchain Lab srl. The objectives are: to structure the foundations of an entrepreneurial activity, to guide the process of Blockchain adoption and digitization, to manage projects based on cryptocurrency, tokens and Blockchain technology. MasterZ is aimed at generation Z, the present of our future, a generation that hides exponential talents and skills, to which the main users and game changers of this technology belong. At the moment 35% of candidates have an IT background, 30% economic and 20% come from stem disciplines. An excellent percentage of applications also from founders of startups and young consultancy and investment banking professionals. Today we are experiencing the third wave of digital revolutions, after the Internet (1990-2005) and the Industrial Internet (2000-2015) it is now the time of the Blockchain, an era that began in 2015 and is expected to grow steadily until 2050. The Blockchain (literally chain of blocks) exploits the characteristics of a computer network of nodes. It is included in the family of distributed ledger technologies (ldt) or systems that are based on an open and distributed register, in which all the nodes of a network have the same copy of a database, which can be consulted independently by the individual nodes. In addition to the consensus algorithms, distributed ledger technology, like the blockchain, also makes use of cryptography to guarantee the security and immutability of the register. In fact, we speak of the internet of value: a digital network of nodes that transfer value through a system of algorithms and cryptographic rules that allow changes to be made to a distributed ledger, with prior consent, which keeps track of the transfers of unique digital assets.

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