Commissioner Vadalà launches a survey of reclamation operators

To deepen the profiles of illegality in a sector such as that of environmental remediation and to support healthy companies in the path towards ever higher standards of efficiency and transparency. This is the goal of the single government commissioner for the reclamation of illegal landfills, the General of the Carabinieri Giuseppe Vadalà, who, thanks to the collaboration of the National Register of Environmental Managers, is launching a survey dedicated to sector operators which will consist in sending all companies registered with a questionnaire to be filled in anonymously. The objective is to obtain a contribution to the analysis of the critical issues in the remediation sector. The replies sent will be processed automatically by the system in anonymous and aggregate form, guarantees the Register. The initiative is part of the memorandum of understanding signed in 2019 by the National Register of Environmental Managers with the office of the government commissioner with the aim, among others, of facilitating “the exchange of information through the use by the office of the commissioner of the database managed by the Register of Managers for the purposes of the knowledge of the territorial contexts of the sites to be secured and the tender procedures for the works to be carried out to implement the standards of legality of the procedures carried out by the stations contractors and managed by the commissioner “.” For some time the collaboration with the National Register of Environmental Managers (Anga) and with its president Eugenio Onori has been fruitful in application of the specific collaboration agreement signed in 2019 – declares the single Commissioner Vadalà – The collaboration expresses itself in the field of preventing the illegality of the reclamation and waste sector and therefore to guarantee operations and transparency of the hundreds of companies engaged in the sector and to provide an essential service to our country “. “For this reason – continues Vadalà – to complete a sector report on reclamation and the infiltration of crime, which the commissioner’s office is preparing for the next few months, this data collection was in the meantime organized to collect authoritative information from of operators, entrepreneurs. What better partner if not the Register of environmental managers that has always worked within the company system to improve performance also on the legality front. For this I thank the President Honors for this effective and useful collaboration to improve the system overall service to our country “. The National Register of Environmental Managers, explains President Eugenio Onori, “is configured as an instrument of legality and transparency; in fact, it manages a database, which can be consulted on the website In the belief that legality constitutes an engine for economic development and not a constraint for companies, over the years the Register has supported and supported actions to defend environmental legality, in the context of which, from 2019 and with excellent results, it has started a collaboration with the extraordinary commissioner for the implementation of the interventions necessary for the adaptation of illegal landfills present on the national territory to the current legislation, general Vadalà “. Onori speaks of “a fruitful collaboration, aimed at improving knowledge and protecting the environment, with the aim of supporting companies that legally operate in the remediation sector through training, dissemination and promotion of good practices. In this context, the Register strongly supports the initiative of the commissioner’s office by transmitting, through the telematic tools of its information system, a collection of information, guaranteed by absolute anonymity, regarding the experiences of the companies registered on the risks of practices illegal or corrupt in the chain of remediation of polluted sites “.” I am confident that the collaboration between the two institutions we represent, with the willingness and willingness of the companies that know us and to which we are also linked by a significant territorial bond, will produce results interesting and effective indications that can further direct the path of guarantee, transparency and respect for legality undertaken for the ecological transition and economic recovery of the country ”, he concludes.